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    The Fae - A Dungeon World PlaybookPublisher: Adrian Thoen

    Some might dismiss you as foolish or unreliable. Some may say you’re nothing but a malicious trickster come to steal away their babies and their wives, and their husbands too! Some say you’re a delightfully strange creature with motives and values that simple mortals could never comprehend.

    Okay, so it’s only you that says that last one. Nevertheless they’re all probably true! Sometimes. Depending on your mood, the season, and the phase of Fair Moon.

    You are a Fae creature, traveled from your mystical half-real land to explore the alien world of the mortals. Some may curse you, some may laugh at your pranks and antics, but one thing’s for sure.

    There’s no danger of dying of boredom when there’s a Fae around!

    The Fae is a playbook designed for use with Dungeon World and Inverse World. As The Fae, you will be tricking your enemies with illusions, pranks, and tricks, blessing some with wishes, damning others with curses, and causing no end of mischief and trouble. But beware, every Fae has rules they must abide, and weaknesses that can cause them trouble. You will have to walk a fine line between causing trouble and solving it!

    The Fae uses Drives and Aspects instead of Alignment and Race, an exciting new way to describe your character!

    Drives and Aspects are an exciting new look at Dungeon world classes that comes from the creators of inverse World,  the upcoming book that will have a unique setting for use with Dungeon World. Keep your eyes open for Inverse World!

    This product is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

    Price: $2.49

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    Final Twilight - Trinity: Kerra Neil vs Mark Jarus 2 Player KitPublisher: Neo Productions Unlimited

    In the near future, on the western coast city of New Metropolis, an evil that has lain dormant for centuries is about to be awakened to the 21st century. Forces of darkness and magic strive to unleash a horror upon the Earth unlike any mankind can remember. The only forces capable of stopping it are rendered impotent by an age-old fear and hatred. Will humanity set aside their differences and stand as one against the darkness? Or will this be humanity’s Final Twilight?

    Final Twilight is an exciting, modern fantasy card game from Neo Productions Unlimited! Non-collectable but extremely customizable, Final Twilight offers CCG players a great game packed with beautiful artwork, exciting stories, and engaging and strategic gameplay!

    The Kerra Neil vs Mark Jarus Two Player Starter contains everything two players need to start playing! Featuring 162 cards, including 2 Major Characters, 6 Locations, and 154 cards to construct your decks with, two players can start right away with rules, deck lists, and get ready to go head to head or a single player can have a wealth of tools at their disposal to challenge their friends and fight to take back the night, or claim it for themselves!


    The Free Rulebook option above gets you a free PDF of the rules.

    The Card(s) option above gets you high-quality, printed cards delivered to your door.


    Learn to play, right here, right now! Check out the how-to-play demo, featuring setup and a walkthrough of several turns and learn to play right here, right now!

    Interested in learning more? Keeping up with the development? Check us out online at!

    Price: $0.00

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    Bree Orlock Designs: Digital Witchcraft 1Publisher: Stardust Publications

    A 300 dpi .tif image for you to use in your personal or professional projects, subject to the attached license. Art by Bree Orlock. This image comes in Color and Greyscale.

    Price: $4.00

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  • 04/18/13--16:02: Leapfrog
  • LeapfrogPublisher: Polyhedron Games LLC

    Leapfrog is a card game for two to ???? people.

    Price: $2.50

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    Bulletproof Blues Character Pack 001 (CC-BY-SA)Publisher: Kalos Comics

    The Bulletproof Blues Character Pack 001 contains ten pieces of high resolution, royalty-free character artwork by Dan Houser, along with the characters' Bulletproof Blues character sheets in PDF and Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet Helper format. Ten characters are included:

    • Blueshift
    • Chthrya
    • Crocolisk
    • Ganyeka
    • Grimknight
    • Karen X
    • Manticore
    • Master Sin
    • Miasma
    • Monolith

    The image sizes vary, but are generally around 3000 pixels x 4000 pixels. The "preview" above contains all ten images, but they are much lower resolution and are highly compressed JPEGs.

    Everything in this pack is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit

    Price: $1.95

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    Mutants & Masterminds Gadget Guide: GunsPublisher: Green Ronin

    Each Gadget Guide in the series takes a look at a particular type of devices in Mutants & Masterminds game terms, putting together the effects and modifiers from the Hero's Handbook to present different a wide variety of gadgets of that type. It also looks at specific concepts related to creating and using those devices in play. The Guide is a catalog of ready to use toys for your M&M game!


    Some heroes look on them with disdain, others use them as essential equalizers. All heroes have to deal with them sooner or later. Guns are the most common type of modern weapon, used by criminals and the authorities opposed to them, by national armies and the agents of criminal masterminds.

    Price: $1.29

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    Alright for Fighting: 101 Songs for Superhero SmackdownsPublisher: Mr. Bones Publishing

    It's always exciting when superheroes and supervillains come to blows, but it can be even more dramatic with the proper music playing in the background. But what if you don't have the time or energy to sift through thousands of songs looking for the perfect musical accompaniment?

    Luckily, we've already done all the work!

    The crack research team at Mr. Bones Publishing has compiled a list of 101 Songs for Superhero Smackdowns. These songs either deal directly with the subject of fighting, or they're filled with so much attitude that you'll want to break a chair over your buddy's head while listening to them.

    Multiple genres are covered, so your hero will get the appropriate music whether he's a cosmic energy projector or a powerhouse from the country. The next time there's going to be a throwdown, make sure your iPod or CD player is ready to play its part.

    Price: $1.00

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    Villainous Intent: 50 Plot Seeds for Superhero RoleplayingPublisher: Mr. Bones Publishing

    Villainous Intent: 50 Plot Seeds for Superhero Roleplaying is a handy resource for players and GMs looking to spice up their campaign with sinister schemes and cunning capers. The plots range from star-spanning to street-level, and there are plenty of NPCs (good and evil) who can become part of your group's recurring storyline.

    These plot seeds are system-neutral, so they can be used with everything from Mutants & Masterminds to your homebrewed superhero campaign. It's as easy as picking an idea, generating a few stats, and watching your heroes rush off to save the day. And since each entry can easily last an entire session, you're getting 50 weeks of entertainment--almost a full year--for less than the cost of a muffin at Starbucks.

    (Cover art courtesy of Surian Soosay)

    Price: $1.75

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    Shadow World: The Cloudlords of TanaraPublisher: Guild Companion Publications

    A classic module of Shadow World, set in the east of the continent of Jaiman, and updated by Terry Amthor for play in both its original time era and the current Shadow World timeline.

    The original Cloudlords of Tanara was set over three thousand years before the present time of 6056 in the Third Era. Some things are the same, but many things have changed. Groups dormant for ages have awakened again: The evil Cult of Ezran, the Priests Arnak, and even the Cloudlords themselves have returned from legend into stark reality. And the Elven-realm to the east, Urulan, long thought lost, has awakened again with a Queen wearing the ancient, magical Unicorn Crown. Turning back an invasion by the imperialist Rhakhaan Kingdom, she threatens the peace of Tanara, which now finds itself caught between two realms.

    Cloudlords of Tanara

    • All the stats and information from the original time, c. 2500 TEI, plus new skill stats, and characters from the current time.
    • New material about the Coral Roads.
    • Updated history of the region.
    • Information on agents sent from mysterious Urulan.
    • New character backgrounds and adventure scenarios for 6056.
    • Stats for both Rolemaster Classic/RM2 and RMSS/FRP!
    • An eastern Jaiman map with more details of Urulan.
    Price: $15.00

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  • 04/19/13--02:34: Mountain Pass
  • Mountain PassPublisher: DramaScape


    Mountain Pass360

    DramaScape Fantasy Volume 17

    This Product is a 48 x 30 inch, full color floorplan of a Mountain Pass.

    It comes with Square, Hex and No Ovelays and includes the VTT files for online use.

    The Mountain Pass is a single large map of the foot of a mountain and a pass leading to a narrow cliff. This product includes a 360-degree panoramic view from half way along the mountain pass.

    This product is intended for use in Fantasy settingsas a location on primitive Sci-Fi world, or as a Post-Apocalyptic Horror game wasteland . The mountain pass works well as an encounter location on the way up the mountain to our Stage of the Gods map. 

    A strange cult of feather-cloaked maniacs considers the pass their territory and may have captured one of the heroes' allies or guides, or even a Player Character , having locked them in cages and left them there to die of thirst. Alternatively, the captives might have been designated as sacrifice to the giant raptors that the cult worship. The heroes must rescue their captured friends by defeating the cult guards, and possibly also the giant birds awaken from their slumber by the sounds of battle.

    Price: $3.99

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    Hero Kids - Adventure Pack 2 [BUNDLE]Publisher: Hero Forge Games


     Hero Kids - Adventure - Curse of the Shadow Walkers
     Regular price: $2.99
     Bundle price: $2.00

    The Curse of the Shadow Walkers adventure finds the kids spending a day off at a swimming hole to the north of Rivenshore.  On the way home they help a young girl to bring her runaway cart under control.  She begs the heroes to help her mum and dad fight off a pack of hungry wolves, but could there be more to these attacks? •  Adventure with five encounters and twelve new maps •  Includes three monsters: Werewolf, wolf, and giant spider


     Hero Kids - Adventure - Glade of the Unicorn
     Regular price: $2.99
     Bundle price: $1.99

    The Glade of the Unicorn adventure takes place on one of the kids' routine patrols into the Darkenwold Woods.  During their patrol they rescue a unicorn from a pack of marauding goblins.  The unicorn has been mortally wounded in the attack, so the kids must quest deeper into the forest to find a cure. •  Adventure with nine encounters and nine new maps •  Includes seven monsters: Wolf, dire wolf, and a full set of goblins


     Hero Kids - Adventure - The Lost Village
     Regular price: $2.99
     Bundle price: $2.00

    On the eve of another harsh winter, the kids are sent on a journey to the village of Willowsdell to to determine why their autumn produce wagons have not arrived in Rivenshore.  Can the kids make it to the distant outpost and discover what has happened to the lost village? •  Adventure with 9 encounters and 5 new encounter maps •  Includes a 8 new monsters to add you your kids' adventures, including a full sets of brigands and lizardkin


    Total value: $8.97
    Special bundle price: $5.99
    Savings of: $2.98 (33%)
    Price: $8.97

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    GRUNWALD 1410 - A Wargame ScenarioPublisher: Studio7aUK

    The year is 1410AD. The Teutonic Order seeks to extend its territories into Poland... But the locals strongly object to the idea! 

    This wargame scenario covers the Battle of Tannenberg / Grunwald fought between the Teutonic Order (and guests) and the allied armies of Poland and Lithuania.

    We include all necessary information to stage the game, with three sets of 'Orders of Battle' for the popular game systems: DBMM, FoG (Field of Glory) and Warmaster Ancients.

    * * *

    Price: $2.59

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  • 04/19/13--07:15: Existential Threat
  • Existential ThreatPublisher: At the Table Games

    You are a drenched in blood, larger than life hero. Where you walk, armies follow and the world shakes.

    Your world is under attack from forces beyond your world, and it is down to you and your allies to stop it before everything you know and love is destroyed. Attack your foes with your mind, your friends and even your nation. Repel the invading force and make sure they never return.

    Grab your friends and prepare to be bad ass!

    Price: $5.00

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    Bree Orlock Designs: Soldier Girl 1Publisher: Stardust Publications

    A 300 dpi .tif image for you to use in your personal or professional projects, subject to the attached license. Art by Bree Orlock. This image comes in Color and Greyscale.

    Price: $4.00

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    Extreme Edge Volume Three, Issue TwelvePublisher: Dakkar Unlimited

    More of The Bleeding Edge!

    Is it a magazine for showing Hot Chicks doing Extreme Sports? Or is it a secret communication to the warriors in the battle for the future and destiny of mankind?

    Kale Fleigh, the enigmatic editor of Extreme Edge Magazine, isn't telling. But with any luck, the information in these pages will save the lives of some adventurers, or at least give them the chance to go down fighting!

    In this issue...

    • Cover Girl Candy Knight; Triathelete, Lingerie Model, Big Game Hunter!
    • We Review the Sandler Seven-Cannon! 
    • Fifi Reviews the Acoustic Torsioner!
    • Sierra's Words of Warning!
    • Editorial: Exit Strategy

    When you live on the Extreme Edge, you're always a razor blade's width away from catastrophe... and you need a magazine that understands you. Welcome to the Extreme Edge!

    (This is a supplement for Hot Chicks: The Roleplaying Game. You will need the Core Rulebook to play.)

    Also compatible with The Victory System!

    Price: $1.00

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    Elaboration: Structure & SurfacePublisher: Polycosm Publishing

    Shapes loom - unknown in their form, material and texture, in element and layer, significance. What will they be for you..?

    Elaboration: Structure & Surface is a tool designed to support the development of locations of various types. On just one page it provides 540 descriptive terms across six tables, with a table for extent and a diagram for generating orientation.

    It is compatible with various genres and systems and suitable for use in roleplaying and beyond. It can be used both to inspire locations and to detail them in terms of form, material, texture, element, layer and significance, even in the course of games.

    The two pages are arranged for ease of use on screen or printed, the key features occupying a single page. The tool includes:

    • 540 descriptive terms arranged in six main tables, all on one page
    • the option of generating terms in a range of three columns or five
    • a diagram for finding orientation, six points on each of two axes
    • a table suggesting an extent, i.e. the specific surfaces involved
    • a compact diceless number generator for the two ranges used

    The tool can be used with Narrative: Abandoned Space and Landscape: The Manse to develop these locations further.

    Price: $0.59

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  • 04/19/13--17:22: More Malcontent
  • More MalcontentPublisher: Total Party Kill Games

    Total Party Kill Games is pleased to present MORE MALCONTENT, a sourcebook for use with the fan favorite Malefactor base class.  

    More Malcontent brings your Malefactor characters three new archetypes (Bog Child, Cavetapper and the Frostblight), five new feats (Cursedrinker, Split Malediction, Hex Bringer, Draw Upon Curse and Oracular Conduit), twenty-two new maledictions, and two brand new Malefactor themed prestige classes - the Black Cat Rager and Hellbound Witch.  Also included are two brand new magic items for Malefactors in your games - Gremlin Oil and the Scrimshaw Albatross.

    This PDF comes fully bookmarked and hyperlinked to the d20PFSRD.

    Arm your Malefactor with a wealth of new abilities.

    Price: $3.99

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  • 04/19/13--17:51: Suits
  • SuitsPublisher: Polyhedron Games LLC

    SUITS is a card game of strategy and changing tactics for two to three players. More can play with additional decks.

    Price: $5.50

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  • 04/19/13--19:50: Plates & Stones
  • Plates & StonesPublisher: Polyhedron Games LLC

    Plates & Stones is a card and dice game of one-upmanship and point wagering. It's fast and fun.

    Price: $1.15

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  • 04/19/13--21:02: A Day at the Races
  • A Day at the RacesPublisher: Polyhedron Games LLC

    A Day at the Races is a fast paced card game simulating the thrill of the track and the excitement of betting. Two card decks, poker chips a few pennies and a few friends are all that's need to enjoy this rousing card game.

    Price: $3.00

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