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  • 10/27/18--20:22: Beta Maxx X Quick Start
  • Beta Maxx X Quick StartPublisher: Halfling Caravan Games

    The recently added outpost in the Sakkad System has encountered indigenous lifeforms. The Panstellar Federation of course started negotiations and soon after a contingent from various Interstellar Corporations made moves to open trade with the Sakkadians. After these trade negotiations, Keelta Resources Corporation gained contracts to extract minerals from moons of a gas giant in Sakkadian Space, and started Project 39.

    After Project 39 had commenced, and a number of facilities constructed, there was a planetarist coup on Sakkad and the incoming government unilaterally ended all contracts with Corporations and gave a deadline for the removal of all non-Sakkadian persons and equipment other than the Panstellar Embassy. The Planetarists were allegedly chanting something to the effect of “Sakkadian System for Sakkadians!”

    The Network has been extended out there, first with a local Network that has then been hooked up via FTL-Node Relays.

    Keelta Resources Corporation is looking for a security detail to escort the final technical staff to the moons of Sakkad IV. Your job is to help salvage what can be salvaged, and destroy what equipment cannot be salvaged.

    Your Team are entering the cargo hold of a landing craft of an interplanetary freighter belonging to Keelta Corporation; the landing craft is basically an empty box with engines and a cockpit. Carlos Antonio Maria del Vega is standing by the Launch Bay, looking like he might be being friendly or just checking that you all are leaving together. By the time you are clear of the station, Carlos is clear of the Launch Bay.

    This is meant to be a quick start set of three different products:

    1. A Reduxx version of the Beta Maxx X rules
    2. Episode 1 - Project 39 of the "Damocles Intergalactic" Series 
    3. Episode 2 - Keelta Resources of the "Damocles Intergalactic" Series 

    Inside Episodes 1 & 2 you'll find a variety of situations which could be used as examples of play, a Team of six Characters prebuilt for the start of a Series, and details for the various antagonists the Team will meet along the way. Also included is a blank Character Sheet at the back of each Episode that could be used for creating your own Characters.

    Price: $2.99

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    alien crystal warship 3D STL modelPublisher: FSpace Publications

    This is a basic 3D model for the Unknown alien crystal warship.

    Model complexity is suitable for tabletop miniature purposes, or a miniature starship display collection.

    An iconic starship from the FSpaceRPG universe, but can be used with many other science fiction roleplaying games.

    STL model file sales for home printing are for personal non-commercial usage - full terms are found in companion booklet.

    Price: $2.00

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    Racial Profiles: The ArkhoonsPublisher:

    Racial Profiles: The Arkhoons introduces a new race for players of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

    Arkhoons are a race of humanoids who hail from below the world’s surface, acting as mercenaries who primarily performed spying and sabotage missions and assassinations for other underworld groups that could afford the arkhoons’ outrageous premiums. Their chameleon-like skin allows them to blend in with their surroundings while their sharp claws are both potent weapons and efficient climbing tools.

    This book includes the following:

    • 12 new alternate racial traitsfor the arkhoons (beyond their starting 4)
      • Favored class options for all 37 classes in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
      • 3 new archetypes (Eyemote, Lightfingers, and Pattern Mystery for Mesmerist, Rogue and Oracle respectively).
      • 3 new and unique pieces of equipment (Patternweave Ink, Psychoactive Inducer and Subtlemark Elixi)
      • 11 new feats (Allied Diplomat, Confounding Display, Echoing Pattern, From the Outside In, Glimpse of the Grand Design, Improved Camouflage, Lasting Afterimage, Light Touch, Patterned Enchantment, Solid Shadow, and Veil Piercing)
      • 4 new magic items (Mask of the Arkhoon, Pattern-Projecting Armor, Shadowsuit, and Tactile Gloves)
      • 5 new spells (Imbue Arkhoon Patterning, Murk, Symbolweave, Tactile Field, and Vertiginous Pattern)
      • And finally the Deep Arkhoons, the ancient enemies of the regular arkhoon.
      Price: $4.95

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    • 10/27/18--22:02: Tavern Support Posts
    • Tavern Support PostsPublisher: Fat Dragon Games

      This is an add-on set for the Fat Dragon Games Tavern Sets. This set includes five support posts, an empty tiny shelf and a tiny shelf with a candle that can be attached to the posts via pegs or to any village or tavern walls with peg holes in them.

      These posts can support the weight of three to five tiles, clipped together, on top of them and will support a future rafter set.

      You can find Dragonbite clips here:

      Price: $2.99

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      Fajerstar - Jeszcze Bardziej ObcyPublisher: Skavenloft

      Dodatek do Fajerstara, pozwalający na przedłużenie i urozmaicenie rozgrywki poprzez wprowadzenie do niej czternastu nowych potworów, inspirowanych kosmitami ze starych pilmów science-fiction, popularnych w latach pięćdziesiątych i sześćdziesiątych. dodatek prezentuje opisy i statystyki następujących istot:

      - Diablica z radioaktywnej galaktyki,

      - Gigantyczna ameba spoza czasu,

      - Gigantyyczne oko z Pozaprzestrzeni,

      - Kobieta-kot z czarnego księżyca,

      - Międzygwiezdny wampir,

      - Monstrum z korony słonecznej,

      - Neptuniańska bestia z głębin,

      - Nieśmiertelny mózg bez twarzy,

      - Podludzie gamma,

      - Potwór z milionem ślepi,

      - Samoreplikujący kryształ z wymiaru Alfa,

      - Szpon ze stratosfery,

      - Terror z planety X,

      - Widmo z bezmiaru kosmosu.

      Price: $1.00

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      Gregorius21778: Turn Management Sheet (OSR Fantasy)Publisher: Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778

      So, what is this?

      It is a time management sheet for GM and players, based on the OSR-typical 10-minute time unit known as “the turn”. The sheet has room for 88 turns, which is the equivalent of more than 14 hours of in-game time... a whole day of adventuring! Each turn number has a little space for notes next to it.

      A character lights a torch that will shine for 6 turns at the start of the dungeon? Note “torch spent” next to turn 7. The party triggers a mechanism at turn 9 that will have the whole dungeon collapse in 20 turns? Note “COLLAPSE!” next to turn 29. When a turn is over, cross out the number. Have a look at the preview, it reveals the whole document.

      Whenever it is a timed event, the duration of a spell or the intervals of a random monster appearance: this sheet will help you to keep track of it. It was designed to be folded in half, so that it does not take up to much desk space... character sheets, adventure book, dice, snacks and drinks want some space, too!

      Price: $0.00

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      Illustrated Level 2 Spell CardsPublisher: Patrick Mitchell Johnston

      • 71 Level 2 Spells
      • 2.5”w x 3.5”h cards describe and, individually, illustrate all available Level 2 spells from the Players Handbook, Elemental Evil Player's Companion, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, & Xanathar's Guide to Everything, from the D&D world.
      • These fit in card sleeves or 9 Pocket Page Protectors.
      • These are NOT class-specific. They are ALL Level 2 Spells! Compatible classes are listed on each card. This way you don’t have to by the same spell multiple times, just for a different class. If you need more of a certain spell, just print it again!

      DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, Wizards of the Coast, and all other Wizards of the Coast product names, and their respective logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast in the USA and other countries.

      This work contains material that is copyright Wizards of the Coast and/or other authors. All other original material in this work is copyright 2018 by Patrick Mitchell Johnston.

      Price: $1.00

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    • 10/28/18--09:33: La Croisade des Ninjas
    • La Croisade des NinjasPublisher: Alephtar Games

      Il y a dix ans, l'Empereur a lancé sa croisade contre les ninjas. Depuis dix ans, les clans qui avant se battaient fièrement entre eux ont dû faire front commun contre l'ennemi pour survivre. Êtes-vous prêts à lutter aux côtés de celui qui fut votre pire ennemi ?

      La Croisade des Ninjas est un jeu de rôle d'honneur et d'action frénétique par Eloy Lasanta et ses camarades où de 3 à 6 joueurs incarnent des ninjas en lutte pour leur survie dans un décor fantastique semblable au Japon de notre monde. Le jeu a gagné une mention spéciale des juges au GenCon 2017. Ses caractéristiques principales sont:

      • Un système de jeu basé sur des combinaisons de compétences (combo) : le joueur lance un nombre de dés à dix faces équivalent aux points des deux habiletés. 
      • Des centaines de pouvoirs (jutsu) qui permettent au ninja de manipuler le ki pour produire des effets surnaturels.
      • Quand son code d’honneur ou ses faiblesses le mettent en difficulté, le ninja gagne du Karma pour compenser son infortune.
      • Durant une bataille, le ninja utilise une variété extraordinaire de techniques et d’armes, et grâce aux Actions Dynamiques un combat de ninjas réserve toujours des surprises.
      Price: $13.70

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    • 10/28/18--09:48: Defining A Galaxy
    • Defining A GalaxyPublisher: Rogue Genius Games

      It Was a Dark Time for the Galaxy

      In the late 1980s, Star Wars was becoming a fading memory. The movie trilogy had concluded. The comic books and novels were winding down. The action figures had run their course. As the franchise celebrated its tenth anniversary, there was a new ride at Disneyland and … not much else. Not until a small hobby game company released Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and The Star Wars Sourcebook. And suddenly the galaxy began to expand.

      This is the story of how a group of dedicated fans and gaming professionals helped pave the way for the Star Wars Expanded Universe — as told by one of the original architects! This book explains how material created for roleplaying games helped shape the Star Wars universe — and continues to influence it to the current day.

      Price: $6.95

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    • 10/28/18--11:33: The Wrath of Tiamat setting
    • The Wrath of Tiamat settingPublisher: Tyndale Toaster Productions

      You were raised in a society of empiricism and logic, a product of a regulated education system, of a family with an automobile, an average of 2.5 kids, and the family dog.  You were raised to be normal person in a normal family, in a normal town, in a normal nation, in a normal society.

      Things are not what they seem. 

      What if aliens were real?  Or witches?  Or ghosts?  Or werewolves, vampires, poltergeists, or any other form of bogeyman?  What if certain bloodlines did, in fact, run the world?  What if ancient cults passed down hidden knowledge throughout the ages?  What if those seemingly crazy conspiracies that Uncle Leo always tries to discuss over Thanksgiving dinner were true?

      Price: $0.00

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      B2 The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep, Level 1Publisher: New Realms Publishing

      Visit our publisher page for current sales and specials.

      Once a dwarven stronghold guarding the Great Trade Road, the Grimhold Keep has fallen into ruin.  Rumors claim, though, that an extensive network of tunnels and chambers exists beneath the ruins.  Home to all manner of horrors and traps, the dungeons are also said to house the hoarded wealth of marauding bandits and monsters.  Only a brave party of adventurers can survive the dangers to discover the truth.

      Enter the depths of Grimhold Keep in search of gold, glory and adventure.  But beware, the denizens of the dark depths are a danger to all who dare to enter their domain.  And there are rumors of a new power rising, one that bears the symbol of the crowned skull.

      B2 The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep, Level 1, a dungeon adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 1st to 3rd level.  Once a dwarven stronghold guarding the Great Trade Road, the keep has fallen into ruin, but legends tell of an extensive network of chambers and tunnels beneath the keep.  Based on the Universal Adventure module of the same name, the adventure includes 9 Adventure cards, each with a thumbnail map, description and notes, 9 Encounter cards, with full stats, 9 Event cards, 9 Search cards and 18 Treasure cards.  Written for Labyrinth Lord (tm) and similar RPGs, the adventure can be played solo or with a group, with or without a GM. The adventure is highly re-playable and the cards can be combined with those from other adventures to create your own adventures.  Gather your party and delve into the depths of Grimhold Keep in search of gold, glory and adventure!

      For more Old School Adventures visit our Old School Adventures page.

      Price: $5.95

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    • 10/28/18--13:17: HeadCrushers
    • HeadCrushersPublisher: Sword's Edge Publishing

      Sometimes you just need to crush a head to show you mean business. Kick down that door, kick butt, don’t bother taking names, that’s what I’m talking about. When you find out you are in over your head, distract, dodge, defend, and then get the hell out. Fast swords, fast brains, and fast mouths – that’s what you need.

      Head Crushers is a simple RPG about fantasy action-adventure from the designer of Sword’s Edge, Nefertiti Overdrive, and Centurion: Legionaries of Rome. It’s a stripped down, easy to play game for straight-ahead fantasy adventures. The philosophy is customizable characters but minimal rules. There might be some ambiguity, but that’s a feature, not a bug – figure out how it works best for your group, then barrel on ahead.

      You can find an example character sheet here. You can find out more here, at the Sword's Edge Publishing webpage.

      This game was developed as part of a Patreon campaign. If you would like to see more games like this, please support the author at Patreon.

      Price: $5.00

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    • 10/29/18--07:45: Mortem 1st Edition Ruleset
    • Mortem 1st Edition RulesetPublisher: Steamnach

      Reglamento para jugar a la primera edición de Mortem: Jugger.

      Price: $0.00

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      Mortem 1st Edition Jugger SevillaPublisher: Steamnach

      Alineación de Jugger Sevilla para jugar a la primera edición de Mortem: Jugger.

      Price: $0.00

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      Part-Time Gods Second EditionPublisher: Third Eye Games

      Long ago, an entity known as the Source visited humanity and gifted certain people with divine power. For a time, the world existed in a state of balance between order and chaos, between life and death, between divinity and mortality. That is, until the gods waged war against the Source and eventually against each other, until the gods were close to extinct.

      The gods of today are shadows of what the old gods possessed. Their power has been heavily diminished, and many choose to live a regular, mortal life, revealing themselves as gods only when absolutely necessary. The reason for this is twofold. First, fate doesn’t like it when the gods share their secrets with a mortal. Unless they are the god’s worshipper, terrible events and horrific accidents have a way of happening to the people closest to the god. Secondly, divine works attract creatures and monsters called Outsiders, created by the Source (after its capture) to destroy any god they encounter.

      And so, the gods exist today in a state of flux. They have a mortal life, a job (or career if they’re lucky), friends, family, and everything that comes with being human, and they work hard to protect these things from harm. On the other side of the coin, they also have a Dominion to command and oversee, a deific Territory to defend from intruders, secret societies to which they owe allegiances (called Theologies), and other gods in their pantheon to try to get along with. This becomes their life, the balancing of the mortal and the divine, the normal and the supernatural, the mundane and the strange. The gods belong not to either world completely, and each of them knows that delving too deeply into one means losing pieces of the other.

      Part-Time Gods Second Edition (PTG2E) is the latest iteration of an amazing setting about gods and the people, groups, and places in their lives that keep them tied to their humanity. This game gives players the tools to create their own gods and go on to tell dramatic, exciting, and engaging stories — the kind only PTG2E can deliver.

      Part-Time Gods Second Edition has specialized chapters to help readers access the info in its pages with ease. Here is what to expect from each chapter.

      • Chapter One - The Descending Storm: This chapter details the setting of PTG2E, laying out divine origins and what it means to be a god in today’s world.
      • Chapter Two - The Spark of Divinity: Contains the rules for making characters, elaborating on the mortal and divine choices players have at their disposal to make just the god they want.
      • Chapter Three - Divine Expressions: Divine magic is a powerful tool, and this chapter explains how to use it to protect what they care about and become an even more powerful god.
      • Chapter Four - Blessing the Dice: This chapter gives an in-depth review of all the important rules needed to run a game of PTG2E. It’s a must-read for GMs, but a good one for players to read as well.
      • Chapter Five - Divine Battles: This chapter details what happens when gods collide, including battles, healing, and weaponry.
      • Chapter Six - The Opposition: No game is complete without antagonists to oppose the players and their characters. This chapter contains all these amazing foes and rules for running them in the game.
      • Chapter Seven - Creating New Myths: If you are curious about exactly how to run a game like PTG2E, look no further than this chapter.
      • Appendix: Includes blank character sheets, territory grid, random character creation charts, and an index
      Price: $20.00

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      Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood 2e (Savage Worlds Edition)Publisher: Battlefield Press

      Battlefield Press presents the long awaited campaign setting Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood for Savage Worlds

      Welcome to Sherwood Forest, a place of myth and legend. In this exciting campaign setting written by Jonathan M. Thompson and Marc Gacy, you will find everything you need for your Robin Hood Savage Worlds campaign setting. This book includes:

      •       Weapons and armor from the time
      •       New Edges and Arcane Backgrounds
      •       Gazetteer covering Robin Hood’s England
      •       Characters from Robin Hood Legends
      •       Feats of derring-do and archery contests
      •       Mythic beasts and faeries

       This book is a campaign setting designed to be used with the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook.

      "Overall, I found Sherwood to be a solid setting book that offers everything you’d need to play this time period and genre.  Anyone that’s a fan of Robin Hood — or just wants to run fantasy that has more style and intrigue than elves — should check this out." - review at

      Price: $10.00

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      GM's Maps #66: Offshore LighthousePublisher: Gethsemane Games

      Map making can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating for GMs, especially GMs with limited time to begin with. In our new 'GM's Maps' range, we will be providing a range of pre-made maps for you to use in your games.

      Rising out of the tumultuous sea the large tower built upon a rocky island sends forth it's beacon, lit each night, to warn shipping of hazards. Its light has saved countless lives upon the storm-tossed seas, but what secrets lie within the lighthouse? What foes would assail it? What adventures await within its walls?

      Find out with GM's map #66 by Gethsemane Games. Complete with both a full colour and a blueprint style version of the map in JPG, and PNG, a PDF containing notes about lighthouses and their history, adventure hooks and a key for the map provided.

      Sample Adventure Hooks

      1/. Soul Ships (Supernatural Horror/Dark Fantasy)

      The lighthouse doesn't guide mundane ships - its spirit light guides the souls of dead sailors to the afterlife - a crew of undead pirates want to use its power to attract and board their own soul-ship so they can truly resurrect themselves. The lighthouse keepers must defend the light and keep the natural order of life and death

      (Daniel Dunlavey)

      3/. Ghost Ship (Horror)

      An abandoned vessel is spotted approaching the lighthouse. No human soul can be seen aboard, but the sails remain unfurled – many of hem in tatters. It is moving erratically and is low in the water suggesting that it is either taking on water or still has a cargo aboard.

      However, the vessel is not quite as abandoned as it seems. The 'Thing' that was responsible for the vessel's crew either abandoning it or disappearing is still aboard and is soon going to make landfall on the lighthouse island where the current crew will become its next prey.

      (Suggested by Julie Hoverson and inspired by 'Three Skeleton Key' by George C. Toudouze. )

      Publisher's Licence

      Publishers wishing to use this map in their own products may do so subject to the following restrictions;
      You may use the map in your own adventures or supplements provided you add your own content.
      This map may not be resold as part of a product that is intended primarily as a map or collection of maps.
      If you use this map, please credit the author

      B F

      Irving and Gethsemane Games and include the line “Map created with Campaign Cartographer 2 by Profantasy Software”

      Map created by

      B F

      Irving using Campaign Cartographer 3 by Profantasy Software Ltd.

      Price: $3.00

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    • 10/29/18--09:40: Battlemap : Rocky Beach
    • Battlemap : Rocky BeachPublisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

      This full color battlemap is the 427th of a series featuring various terrains. This installment of the battlemap series features a beach framed by rocky outcroppings.

      The map is 28 x 30 squares in size, with each 1 inch square scaled to represent 5 feet. It is provided in 12 segments, which need to be assembled, in a single PDF using the letter format.

      The product has been updated to include a large gridless JPG image of the map, intended for use with VTT software. It is 2016x2160 pixels in size at 72dpi.

      Price: $1.37

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    • 10/29/18--10:15: The Blue Way
    • The Blue WayPublisher: Bully Pulpit Games

      The Pitch

      The Blue Way is a tabletop game for 1 to 6 players about lost stories in a culture that is being forcibly assimilated into a victorious empire. It is a bleak take on colonialism and its cultural aftermath.

      Depending on your play style, a session wil take about a half an hour per player.

      The Blue Way 

      A year ago Dusia invaded. There was a war and Dusia won. Now your village belongs to Lord Gjerch Bravn and his wife, Lady Kløyk Bravn. The Dusians want to bring peace, order, and a sense of normality to the village, by the standards of Dusia. You are not going to like it, but they are in charge now regardless of your feelings. 

      You play people who have lost a war and are being assimilated into a new polity - the polity of the victors. You will be put in the position of making impossible and unpleasant choices again and again. We hope it shines a little light on how cultures vanish. 

      This is a harsh game, and one that includes robust safety tools to help players keep themselves and each other safe at the table. 

      What's Included?

      The Blue Way consists of a 28-page PDF, some of which must be printed out and cut into character sheets and cards. Your character sheet will be cut or torn up during play. 


          Comment here, or get in touch with us at

          Effusive Praise?

          We're on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Tag us in @bullypulpit_HQ.

          Thank you to our supporters on Drip for making this game possible.

          Price: $8.00

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          DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Caverns Expansion 2Publisher: Fat Dragon Games

          DRAGONLOCK™ Ultimate an interlocking terrain system that allows you to create fully modular, multi-level 28mm scale dungeon terrain for your RPG or wargame on your home 3D printer. Individual pieces links to neighboring pieces with our exclusive Dragonbite™ clips. Each set is delivered as a downloadable .stl file, and once you have the set, you can print as many pieces as you like and never run out or need to purchase more. 

          A standard wall piece costs around 40 cents in plastic to print yourself, far cheaper than factory made terrain! All of the models shown were printed at 150 micron resolution, a common standard on most economical 3D printers. A really nice starter printer that can print these files starts around $220 (see our F.A.Q. for more info on printers, printing costs, filaments, and more, over on the FDG website forums.)

          This set includes:

          • 47 cavern pieces, including raised track elevations, bridges, mine carts, and much more.

          • Dragonbite™ Clips

          • Instruction Guide

          Price: $14.99

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