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    Paper Griffin Maps: Towns & Settlements - Temperate Towns 05 - Harbour TownPublisher: Paper Griffin

    Paper Griffin Maps provide system neutral locations to help game masters flesh-out their roleplay campaigns.

    These everyday locations can either be woven into your existing game world to become new points of interest, or simply used as throw-away locations for when the adventuring party inevitable wander off to unexpected parts of the game world.

    Each map is devoid of names and text, allowing game masters total freedom to populate the map with the locations they need.

    This map pack contains:
    1 High quality A4/US Letter size full colour map
    1 High quality A4/US Letter size black and white line map

    Please note that these maps are not intended to be used as battle maps.

    Price: $2.50

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  • 11/12/18--09:26: Sugar Maple Hemlock
  • Sugar Maple HemlockPublisher: Beeple Games

    Sugar Maple Hemlock is a setting and scenario for a noir thriller roleplaying game.

    The sleepy town of Morren has recently experienced a spate of missing persons cases, and the Vermont Bureau of Criminal Investigations has brought in a special detectives unit to investigate two of the most recent disappearances.

    Caught between the blight of the opioid epidemic and a self-help group with ominous intentions, the detectives must uncover the truth in a community where everybody wants something.

    Sugar Maple Hemlock can be played using any roleplaying system designed for contemporary settings with a focus on mystery, horror or the occult.  The book also contains a simple set of rules so that it can be played as a stand-alone experience.

    This game is intended for mature audiences only.

    Price: $9.99

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  • 11/12/18--09:51: Fallen Justice
  • Fallen JusticePublisher: Gallant Knight Games

    A Vigilante Roleplaying Game inspired by the OSR

    Inspired by gritty Iron Age comics, FALLEN JUSTICE is a no-holds bared, bloody knuckled homage to powerless vigilante stories. Powered by the Venerable Knight Classics chassis, this old-school revival RPG is heavily based on classic White Box style roleplaying, but features some modern narrative mechanics.

    Take on the role of a brutal vigilante out to clean the streets by force and get ready to sink your fists into the faces of low-life criminals everywhere. This book contains no setting and is designed to be a toolbox to tell your own stories, but it is otherwise a complete game.

    This book features: 

    • 10 Vigilante Classes
    • Brutal Critical Hit Tables
    • Die Drops for generating threats and neighborhoods
    • Opening Fiction Absolucion by Ed Erdelac

    All powered by Gallant Knight Game's Venerable Knight Chassis!

    Price: $9.99

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    Ford's Faeries: A Bestiary Inspired by Henry Justice FordPublisher: Studio Kortex

    A bestiary inspired by the masterful work of Henry Justice Ford.

    Meet the Moon-Headed Giant, the Leechlich, and the Fencer Familiar, and more than 50 other weird creatures fit for campaigns of every level. The full-page illustrations, often taken from fairytale books, have led our 15 authors to create original monsters that will give a quirky twist to your game. They all come with enough material to become the centerpiece of the session.

    Contributors: Dan D., Daniel Lofton, 
Dat Epic Fish, 
Emmy Allen, Eric Diaz, Eric Nieudan, Goblin’s Henchman, Guillaume Jentey
, HD Atkinson, James V. West, Jean-Marc "Tolkraft" Choserot, 
Ktrey Parker, Magimax, 
Roger SG Sorolla, 
Sébastien d’Abrigeon, 
and Vance Atkins.

    Stats are compatible with most early editions of Dave and Gary's game and their retroclones.

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/12/18--11:16: Isometric Dungeon Designer
  • Isometric Dungeon DesignerPublisher: GalefireRPG

    isometric dungeon designer

    With the Isometric Dungeon Designer, you can create a myriad of fantasy, isometric dungeons for the needs of your party and gaming group.  Sprawling multi-floor dungeons, massive boss battle arenas, or a dark fortress littered with ruins and the undead.  Load the pieces into your favorite image-editing tool with robust layer support (I recommend photoshop), and start building!

    You can check out the dungeon designer in action right at the bottom of this page!

    Check out the ATLAS of all the pieces: floors, walls, and a variety of props and doodads

    isometric dungeon floors

    isometric dungeon walls

    isometric dungeon doodads

    Here are a few examples of what can be made, and are also included in the pack!

    Demonic Sanctum

    bigbossroom example

    Dark Tower

    Dark Tower dungeon example

    Ruined Fortress

    ruined fortress example

    Price: $12.99

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  • 11/12/18--11:16: Hunger
  • HungerPublisher: Lost Dutchman Publishing

    The Hunger (A Dread Supplemental)

    The Hunger is a ready-to-go, detailed Dread campaign that’s set in 1870s Great Lakes America and features a Wendigo- a scary ghoul from Cree and other regional indigenous legends.  This file includes:

    • Visual/style heavy pdf.  I didn’t design it to be used as a presentation per se, but it looks good enough that you could.
    • Three act based narrative foundation with a good balance of guiding structure and flexibility to keep the game open ended.
    • A section on the cultural lore.
    • 6 characters that can be trimmed as you please to fit your game group size + premade character sheets for all.
    • 2 optional rules

    This is a prebuilt scenario for the tabletop rpg Dread.  The only physical item required to play Dread is a Jenga tower and some friends.

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/12/18--11:20: Das Eis des Nordens
  • Das Eis des NordensPublisher: Studio St. Germain

    Eine Welt, gespalten in ununterbrochenen Sommer und ewiges Eis, wo menschliche Herrscher mit flüssigem Frost und Sonnenstaub um jeden Zentimeter Boden kämpfen. Ambitionierte Druiden, welche den Weltfrieden wollen - um jeden Preis! Und zuletzt die Nachtelfen, denen das Chaos in den Menschenreichen gerade recht kommt um den legendären König des Nordens in seiner Pyramide wiederzuerwecken.

    Dieses Dokument ist die Betaversion der Kampagne "Das Eis des Nordens". Statt langen Texten enthält es viele Bilder und dient dem Spielleiter als Werkzeugkasten um eigene Abenteuer zu bauen, in denen die Spielercharaktere akiv das Schicksal der Welt mitbestimmen. Die Pläne der verschiedenen Fraktionen sind beschrieben und bieten den Helden Aufhänger um die Welt zu retten oder in ihr Unglück zu stürzen.

    "Eis des Nordens" ist an kein Regelsystem gebunden, eignet sich aber sehr gut für alle Variationen und Derivate des ältesten Rollenspiels der Welt.

    Price: $1.99

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  • 11/12/18--13:55: Treasure Discoveries (5e)
  • Treasure Discoveries (5e)Publisher: Evil Beagle Games

    Interesting and Mysterious Things for Any Fantasy Game Where the Heroes Seek and Earn Treasure

    Designed specifically for people playing 5e campaigns.

    Continuing the combination of utility, imaginative content, and deep research found in Feywild DiscoveriesCity Discoveries, and Draconic Discoveries, Evil Beagle's resident scholar and master-of-cleverness, Michael Surbrook (AKA "The Professor"), brings another useful toolkit to bear for Game Masters who want to elevate their games. In this case, Treasure Discoveries is designed to present game masters with a wealth (no pun intended) of information when it comes to creating treasure caches and troves. This includes - 

    • The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Treasure: Discussing the very nature of treasure itself. More than items of value, treasure represents the history, wealth, and a full narrative of the lands and people of a world. There's also matters of where a treasure comes from and how it wound out where the heroes can find it, among many other questions to ask and answer.
    • Contents of a Treasure Trove: The "brass tacks," so to speak, of what a treasure trove is made of. Precious (and practical) metals; gems of every color and type; crafted objects of a dizzying variety; and items of value that don't necessarily fit neatly into a backpack are among the many things covered.
    • Containers of Treasure: What will you find your treasure reward within? A bag, chest, or coffin? What is an amphorae, a catafalque, or coffer?
    • Treasure Trove Set Pieces: For quick reference and use, you get five different collections of treasure that might be found, from a bandit leader's pouch to a dragon's hoard.
    • Random Treasure Trove Tables: Expanding dramatically from the tables found in the Dungeon Master's Guide, these tables give the GM extraordinary deep and colorful results when randomly generating the discovered treasures found in any situation.

    That last part is the true meat of the product, as it can enhance any fantasy game with a couple of simple rolls. Treasure Discoveries is an invaluable tool for any GM hoping for some quick-and-easy help in elevating their scenario with interesting and descriptively-fulfilling treasures to fight for and earn.

    Edited by Martin Tucker; Graphic Design and Layout by Bill "teh ebil bunneh" Keyes.

    Price: $4.95

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    Star Field 24Publisher: BattleMats


    Star Field - RPG Encounter Map

    24" x 24" image of space with distant stars and a 1" hex grid

    Files included:

    For Large Format Printing

    300 DPI JPEG

    For Virtual tabletop

    VTT optimised JPEG

    Warning: for personal use only, commercial usage or printing for re-sale is not allowed.

    Price: $0.00

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    Shuttle 24Publisher: BattleMats


    Shuttle - RPG Encounter Map

    24" x 24" image of a shuttle style space ship with 1" square deck tiles.

    Includes a flying (in space) and landed version

    Files included:

    For Large Format Printing

    300 DPI JPEG of flying version

    300 DPI JPEG of landed version

    For Virtual tabletop

    VTT optimised JPEG of flying version

    VTT optimised JPEG of landed version

    Warning: for personal use only, commercial usage or printing for re-sale is not allowed.

    Price: $0.99

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    The Rifter® #82 Sneak PreviewPublisher: Palladium Books

    This is a sneak preview of The Rifter® #82.

    This sneak preview includes the front cover, credits, contents, From the Desk of Kevin Siembieda, Palladium News, Coming Attractions, an excerpt from Erick Wujcik, Remembered, an excerpt from The Impact of Age for Nightbane®, an excerpt from Hitting the Gym with the Physical Training Hero for Heroes Unlimited™, an excerpt from Chaos Earth Nebraska, Part Three, for Rifts® Chaos Earth®, and an excerpt from the Rifts® Bestiary Preview for Rifts®.

    The Rifter® #82 will be available around November 26, 2018. For more information, please visit our website.

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/12/18--16:09: Fallen Justice Sheet Bundle
  • Fallen Justice Sheet BundlePublisher: Gallant Knight Games

    A character sheet, die drop sheet, neighborhood sheet, and die drop gang sheet for Gallant Knight Games' vigilante OSR: Fallen Justice

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/12/18--17:41: Porthaven City Map
  • Porthaven City MapPublisher:

    A city map useful for any fantasy RPG setting. 

    Explore dicegeeks products on DriveThruRPG

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/12/18--17:46: Trellaseem City Map
  • Trellaseem City MapPublisher:

    A city map useful for any fantasy RPG setting. 

    Explore dicegeeks products on DriveThruRPG

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/12/18--17:51: Malakon City Map
  • Malakon City MapPublisher:

    A city map useful for any fantasy RPG setting. 

    Explore dicegeeks products on DriveThruRPG

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/12/18--17:56: Dovenwold City Map
  • Dovenwold City MapPublisher:

    A city map useful for any fantasy RPG setting. 

    Explore dicegeeks products on DriveThruRPG

    Price: $0.00

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    ND1.3: The Sultry Swamp of the Cursed CronePublisher: Talbot S. Raiche

    A foul smelling fog rolled into Yarlstone and with it came creatures made of vines. They have carried off the children from the orphanage. As the villagers looked on helplessly, they heard the cackling of an old woman receding towards the dark swamp from which they can faintly still hear the children calling for help.

    The Sultry Swamp of the Cursed Crone is an adventure for level 3. It is presented in minimal format, making it useful for many fantasy adventure systems.

    Price: $1.99

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    Age of Night (Volume 1: Business Between Brigands)Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing

    Join Drake, runaway avatar of the God of Night, Rhonwen, a naïve mage of the White Order, Thelonius, a spy and assassin hiding from the Shadow Houses, and Kamaria, a thief with ties to no one but her companions, as they embark on their journey! In their quest to free Drake from his bonds to the Covenant of Mandra they will journey across the Republic of Amathea and face many challenges and enemies along the way.

    Search for freedom. Find your place.

    This edition of the graphic novel includes a bonus short story and appendices of sketches and work process, some theological notes on the goddess Mandra, and a character profile of Drake. 

    Price: $9.99

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  • 11/13/18--01:03: Era: Survival - Karma Cards
  • Era: Survival - Karma CardsPublisher: Shades of Vengeance

    In Era: Survival, your Karma controls what happens to you: good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to evil people. However, even when bad things happen, you can uusally find an advantage from it.

    While the cards are not entirely necessary for play, they add a weighted element to the situation, allowing you to get smaller abilities more frequently than powerful ones!

    This Digital Set can be printed and used for play!

    Price: $3.99

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    Era: Survival - Definitive Edition RulebookPublisher: Shades of Vengeance

    The Definitive Edition of Era: The Consortium is an updated and expanded 300-page Rulebook, intended as a Collectors Edition!

    It contains the all of the same content as the Survival Core Rulebook – history, a complete guide to character creation, a list of implants, weapons, equipment and spacecraft encountered in the Consortium universe, the rules, complete with worked examples and a section for the GM which contains everything from sample campaigns to pre-made characters.

    It also contains almost 100 pages of bonus material! Extra story, new details on the realities of Gaia, new options for Infected and much, much more.

      Price: $19.99

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