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    Shub-Niggurath [Version de Travail]Publisher: MRZ Prod.

    Shub-Niggurath ne contient aucun contexte. Il propose un ensemble de règles simples pour animer des parties de jeu de rôles dans un univers lovecraftien ou l’horreur cosmique est prégnante.

    Price: $0.00

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  • 11/28/18--08:20: EGCC 00-02 Star Chaser (5e)
  • EGCC 00-02 Star Chaser (5e)Publisher: Alligator Alley Entertainment


    The team's journey home is cut short when an attack leaves them stranded on the edge of an asteroid.

    Their only way off the rock is by helping an expeditionary team investigate and recover a strange energy source located in the heart of the place. The colony of deadly synthetics that lair within, however, might have some disagreements with that.

    Star Chaser is a 2-4 hour adventure for 1st through 4th level characters using the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. It is also part of the Crucible Corps organized play campaign.

    It can be played on it's own, as part of your 5E sci-fi campaign, or as the sequel to the Fall of the Eos Keldor introductory adventure.

    Visit the Esper Genesis homepage at for project updates, gaming events, and special offers.

    Other titles by Alligator Alley Entertainment:

    Esper Genesis Basilisk Rendezvous EG Character
    Price: $4.95

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    WFRP Old World Adventures - Night of BloodPublisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
    Price: $0.00

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    Stock Art: Blackmon Mounted KnightPublisher: Rogue Genius Games

    Quality artwork from RGG illustrator, Jacob E. Blackmon!

    Color and black & white line drawing.

    See preview for license.

    Price: $1.95

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    Stock Art: Blackmon Elf SorcererPublisher: Rogue Genius Games

    Quality artwork from RGG illustrator, Jacob E. Blackmon!

    Color and black & white line drawing.

    See preview for license.

    Price: $1.95

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    Stock Art: Blackmon Flesh GolemPublisher: Rogue Genius Games

    Quality artwork from RGG illustrator, Jacob E. Blackmon!

    Color and black & white line drawing.

    See preview for license.

    Price: $1.95

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    Legends of Arcanis Ten Thousand Years! SP 3-3Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

    This adventure is written using the Arcanis Roleplaying Game ruleset

    Legends of Arcanis Season 3 The War of the Paragons

    Soft Point 3 Ten Thousand Years!

    In the aftermath of ul'Shi Dao's coup in the First City and the coming of the Second Imperium, the social dynamics of the First City are changing.  Like any social change, it inevitably leads to violence and strife as those who disagree with this change fight to oppose it.

    This Legends of Arcanis Standard adventure is designed for Tier 3.5 or higher.

    Price: $4.99

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    Legends of Arcanis Night of the Wolf SP 3-2Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

    This adventure is written using the Arcanis Roleplaying Game ruleset

    Legends of Arcanis Season 3 The War of the Paragons

    Soft Point 2 Night of the Wolf

    Nova Cormata’s efforts to reestablish itself is imperiled as creatures out of Coryani myth threatens new settlements in the province.  Can the Heroes prevent the wholesale slaughter of innocents and uncover those behind this new terror?

    This Legends of Arcanis Standard adventure is designed for Tier 3.5 or higher.

    Price: $4.99

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    Legends of Arcanis Sweet Sorrow SP 3-1Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

    This adventure is written using the Arcanis Roleplaying Game ruleset

    Legends of Arcanis Season 3 The War of the Paragons

    Soft Point 1 Sweet Sorrow

    A serial killer stalks the streets of the First City.  As the threat grows, will you answer the call to end the danger and bring back peace, justice, and good fortune for all, or will you, too, fall victim to this unknown fatal force?

    This Legends of Arcanis Standard adventure is designed for Tier 3.0 or higher.

    Price: $4.99

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  • 11/28/18--18:13: A Far Off Land
  • A Far Off LandPublisher: Bennett-Burks Design

    Note for pre-orders: if you have not recieved yours yet, please contact the publisher using the Contact Publisher button to the right side of this page.

    "You, Fated one, are a beautiful lie, and so too is the world around you"

    In A Far Off Land Modern Meets Mythic Fantasy in Two Worlds and the intrigues of the Eldritch Courts and Fated Factions play out.

    Take the role of one of the Fated; shapeshifting beings which are creatures of both worlds. The Fated are akin to the demigods of legend.

    The Goblin Market

    The intrigues of the many Eldritch Courts & Fated Factions are at the heart of the game. Each of these organizations has their own vision for the world, often forgetting the Fated exist for a purpose and instead using the Fated to fulfill their own agendas. What is the true purpose of the Fated? To safeguard existence itself!

    The game includes a variety of locations, creatures, organizations, magical items, and adventure hooks to use in your games.

    • A number of locations to explore including: The Underworld and Wastes of Duat, Wonderland, The Goblin Market, The Mirrored Cities, and more!
    • Locations for the PCs to interact with or even join: The Munin, The Hatters, The Kemet, The Destroyers, and more! 

    It also includes unique setting specific rules including:

    • An improvisational four-elements based magic system which requires the character to draw upon the power of their passions, or even their blood.
    • Two-World Stunts, which represent each Fated character's dualistic nature.

    Note: A Far Off Land uses Fate Core and requires access to Fate Core rules.

    Price: $10.00

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    Extreme Drowess Episode 23 - Troubled WatersPublisher: Aegis Studios

    Welcome to EPISODE 23 of EXTREME DROWESS: An All-Girl All-Drow Adventure Through the Underdark for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition!

    IN THIS EPISODE: On the Darklake, the ladies have a chance to take a breath and address the Morkoth in the more ways than one.

    You can now get EXTREME DROWESS as a podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and everywhere you download quality podcasts!

    VictoriBelle as Akroma Oros, Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer
    Milena Deneno as Liahana Yaeldrin, Nature domain Cleric of Lolth
    Rachel Judd as Rauvaena Dyrr, Paladin of Lolth
    Rosa Lita as Roja the Destroyer
    Sarah Scharnweber as Xilmys Netyoive

    GUEST STAR: Lewis Harris

    Dungeon Master: Travis Legge

    Monday December 3rd at 11:30 AM CST we will be in the DMs Guildhall with Matt Butler

    Monday December 3rd at 2PM CST we return to Scarn for Scarred Lands: Myths and Matchmakers!

    EXTREME DROWESS returns Wednesday, December 12th at 8 PM CST!

    Committed to Darkness:

    Off to a Weird Start (Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica)
    Chronicles of Darkness (Various)

    Join us LIVE on Twitch every other Wednesday at 8 PM CST!

    This episode is set as Pay What You Want. If you like what you hear, and would like to help us make more of these, please consider dropping a few coins (or dollars) into purchasing this episode. You can also support future episodes of this show while getting sneak peeks and other perks by supporting Travis Legge on Patreon!

    Price: $0.00

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    Ferret Tiny Grav Assault Sled Papercraft modelPublisher: FSpace Publications

    This is a basic papercraft model for the Ferret Tiny Grav Assault Sled.

    Designed as a cheap way to build up your tabletop forces without expensive physical models

    Pre-sized for 1:100 (15mm), 1:64 (25mm) & 1:300 scales.

    Background information is provided for the Ferret for use in the FSpaceRPG universe, including a complete specification sheet for use with the roleplaying game mechanics found in the core rules.

    Comes with bonus counters for use in 1:300 gaming (which can be resized on a printing for different scale sizes.

    Price: $2.00

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    Dead Reign® Paper Miniatures, Volume II: CiviliansPublisher: Palladium Books

    Dead Reign® Paper Miniatures Vol. II includes 14 unique civilians! Eight male and six female civilians, damned in the apocalypse to a grisly end! Will our survivors save them, or will these unwitting civilians become the living dead? These 28mm minis are presented in three formats: outlined and blank backgrounds (each with an asphalt base), and tri-fold flats.

    Price: $2.99

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  • 11/29/18--01:47: Raising Azazel
  • Raising AzazelPublisher: PPM

    Raising Azazel was written as part of the 2018 NaGaDeMon, that is National Game Design Month. The NaGaDeMon challenge says that a game should be written and played during a single month, November. This game was written between 1st and 27th of November 2018. It has been playtested by a total of 1 person, namely me.

    As the game was written in a single month there has been virtually no editing or even proof reading. I apologise in advance for errors and ommissions.


    The core system used in Raising Azazel is FUDGE. This game has taken just a small amount of the FUDGE rules to create a basic role playing game. If you like the game then let me know and I will look at the game again, edit, reorganise, improve and expand it.

    Raising Azazel is a role-playing game in which each player has become entangled in the web of a globe spanning conspiracy with demonic overtones. Also, by chance, each player character also happens to be a direct descendant of one of Charlemagne’s twelve paladins.

    Raising Azazel is a ‘tethered sandbox’ game. In a traditional sandbox the Game Master creates the world and the different factions within it and the characters can do anything and go anywhere and write their own stories. Raising Azazel the players can do that but at the same time their fate is forever entwined with a central plot. If the characters choose to ignore the plot then eventually the plot will come to find them.

    Price: $1.00

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  • 11/29/18--04:27: Angel
  • AngelPublisher: Artikid Arts

    A single digital B&W image of an Angel

    Inside the download you'll find a 300 dpi tiff file and the Royalty Free Licence as txt file.

    The Stock art is released under Royalty Free Licence.

    The author grants the Licensee a perpetual, worldwide, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-exclusive license to use the art an unlimited number of times for use by one Licensee or Client, for the Permitted Uses described below.

    In all commercial uses of this art, the artist "Luigi Castellani"  must be credited, as illustrator.

    This licence allows you to use the art in:

    - Print media, including text books, newspapers, magazines, journals, reports, directories.
    - Digital media, including digital documents, presentations, proposals, reports.
    - Advertising and promotional materials, including brochures, ads, product packaging, book covers, and other printed collateral materials.
    - Broadcast, movie, theatrical and video productions.
    - Websites, as long as the art is not the primary content of the web page, or used primarily for attracting internet traffic or advertising.
    - Products for resale, as long as the art is not a primary element of the product.

    The Royalty-Free License permits only a single user or single agency client to use the art.

    If you are licensing the art for a company or organization, you may not use it for personal use or for a second company or organization. If you are a designer or agency, you may only use the art for a single client.

    The Royalty-Free license does not allow use of the art in:

    - Resale products where the art is the primary element such as art books, calendars, engraving templates, prints, posters, bulletin boards, mugs, whiteboards, puzzles, t-shirts, wallpaper or any other product where the art is prominent and other elements are incidental.

    - Electronic products and services, such as software applications, hand-held devices, news services, phone networks.

    Price: $3.00

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  • 11/29/18--04:54: Dreaming is Believing
  • Dreaming is BelievingPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

    Traveling past the last town was a bad idea. The fact that you might have to waste time dealing with bandits or other night creatures was bad enough (not worrisome, just time consuming and annoying). But now you have been traveling through the dark and mist for hours and you are definitely lost. Considering when you should bring up the idea of just camping for the night or discuss traveling through an unknown region at dark a halo of light ahead peaks your interest. Perhaps a warm meal and soft bed are in your future after all. Tying up your horses at the posts set around the old oak in the middle of town the recessional hymn reaches a crescendo and the doors burst open as the townsfolk exit the church. Nice small town, church services ending, the smell of warm food and the thoughts of a soft bed are all good omens … right?

    Dreaming is Believing is a one act adventure for Torg Eternity set in an Aysle/Orrorsh Mixed Zone. I originally wrote this adventure for my gaming group for Halloween and they had so much fun with it they encouraged me to publish it. While the adventure is set in an Aysle/Orrorsh mixed zone, with some simple modifications this adventure can be set in any rural area world wide and in any Cosm. Obviously, while I wrote this adventure for our Halloween festivities, it can be used any time you want to add a little Orrorsh to your campaign.

    This adventure is intended to be inserted into any existing campaign where the heroes might be traveling from one location to another. While traveling the Heroes stop at a small village and meet some pleasant townsfolk acting in some weird and unexplained ways. The Heroes defend the town from spectral assailants, investigate the nearby spooky woods, interact with a malevolent consciousness, and finally attempt to destroy the source of the evil.

    Note: I use an online tabletop for our gaming sessions as my gaming group is made up of friends of 20+ years who have moved cross country. Battle maps and other play aids greatly enhance the players experience. The genesis of the idea for this adventure came to me while perusing maps on Drive Through RPG and thinking of how I could use them in an adventure for Halloween. If you desire to use the same maps the links are provided below. These maps are not required to play and you can create your own or use no maps at all if that is your preference.

    Price: $4.00

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  • 11/29/18--05:31: Diesel Punks Armory
  • Diesel Punks ArmoryPublisher: Surreal Estate Games

    Steam is passe.

    Diesel Punks introduces six new characters to bring your Hack game into the Atomic Age. Inspired by  the planet stories of the 30's and 40's dieselpunk presents  tools of the trade as you fight your way to the planets and beyond! It includes:

    Notes on weapons of different technology levels, using cover and concealment, new weapon stats, add ons, and functions!

    Eleven new weapons: flamers, hold out pistols, and the terrifying disintegrator!

    So trade in your blaster, power up your new shinies and blast off!

    Note: This product requires The Black Hack to use.

    Ammunition not included.

    Check out Diesel Punks and Diesel Puns Aliens if you liked this product.

    Price: $1.00

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    Griffins - A Field Guide (D&D)Publisher: Rising Phoenix Games

    Never leave the tavern without a good guide

    Griffins — A Field Guide is a richly illustrated and comprehensive set of field notes dealing with griffins and griffin ecology. The book includes 6 griffin species, a new paladin archetype, and rules for griffin familiars and animal companions. If you're a GM or a player, you'll find this book an invaluable asset to your game.

    "The artwork is beautiful and top notch. Each of the griffin species is unique and a pleasure to read..." — Verified Purchaser

    You can find the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game version of Griffins — A Field Guide, also on Drive Thru RPG.

    Griffins - Banner Ad

    More titles from Rising Phoenix Games...

    Price: $6.95

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  • 11/29/18--06:26: Starship Beds
  • Starship BedsPublisher: 2nd Dynasty

    Expand your Starship deck plans with these bed tiles suitable for use with 28-32mm miniatures. Compatible with other 2nd Dynasty tiles or any other OpenLOCK-compatible tiles.

    Compatible with the OpenLOCK system created by and available at Printable Scenery. Important! You will need the basic OpenLOCK templates to print clips to connect these products, available free from Printable Scenery.

    Please note that these are STL files only! You will need a 3D printer or print service in order to print the parts. The parts have been designed with FDM printers in mind at 100-200 microns using PLA or ABS plastic, although you will achieve better results with SLA/DLP printers (resin) or higher resolution FDM prints. You may need to rotate objects for optimal printing or add supports, particularly for overhanging areas, such as the top of door frames.

    Parts are designed in 28-30mm scale (1" squares), but can be rescaled easily in your 3D printing software package.

    This package includes:

    • Single Bed (S)
    • Double Bed (E)
    • Double Bunk Bed (S)

    OpenLOCK license

    Price: $2.49

    0 0

    Filler spot colour - creature: flesh ripper - RPG Stock ArtPublisher: Dean Spencer Art

    This stock art image by Dean Spencer depicts a flesh ripper.

    In RGB colour, 4 inches on the longest side @ 300dpi.

    This purchase includes one PNG file. If you need this in any other format please feel free to contact me.

    All art files are bundled in a ZIP file.

    Price: $3.25

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