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  • 11/29/18--08:00: Have Name, Will Travel
  • Have Name, Will TravelPublisher: Red Anvil Productions

    Augustus Liberty Curving, man of the age, was dead; and the Yokel Girl had her chance at fredom. Until they married the prophet, members of the harem did not receive a name until the New Name they received in their sealing ceremony. She had no name, but she did have a yearning desire for freedom. Little did she know that she would run into the mercenaries known as the Godhead and the most powerful Magician in the world. And she was going to need all of the help she could get as the Prophet tried to claim her. But she had more to worry about than that, since in the death of Augustus, it wasn't just her freedom; radical factions in Curving's Regime sought to freeze technology in place forever.

    Price: $0.99

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  • 11/29/18--08:08: The Mines of Dannerton
  • The Mines of DannertonPublisher: Onyx Path Publishing

    An epic adventure of bandits, bulldogs and bulging sacks of loot! This Pugmire-Compatible “one shot” adventure is customizable for dogs of all breeds and experience levels, and features:

    *NPCs and Monsters ready-made to fill out the world of adventure around your players’ characters,

    * A clear storyline for the players’ characters to follow with plenty of options for Guides to hook them along, and

    * Exciting combat featuring unique Monsters and puzzles!

    Price: $2.99

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    Skeletons In The Water : Stockart BackgroundPublisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

    With this installment in this product line I continue to work on a palette of original and affordable stockart for personal and commercial projects of publishers and gamers alike.

    The image presented here is a simple background featuring a mostly dried up pond and the skeletal remains of the poor souls that have been sunk in it.


    The Pack contains:

    • 1 PDF with a preview image (75% size) and the license agreement.
    • 1 PNG image. The image is 2550 x 1650 pixels in size at 300 dpi.

    Price: $2.95

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  • 11/29/18--08:40: [Quantum] [Flux] [BUNDLE]
  • [Quantum] [Flux] [BUNDLE]Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing

    This special 60% off bundle contains Skirmisher Publishing's Quantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts and the five issues of the Wisdom from the Wastelands supplement for modern, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic RPGs that contain about half the items that appear in it (#39, #42, #44, #48, and #49). It is designed to be a good deal for both new customers and ones who own any of the issues of Wisdom from the Wastelands that include overlapping material.

    Quantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts
    Regular price: $4.99
    Bundle price:
    With his second law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Arthur C. Clarke articulated a concept that could have been a shadowy undercurrent in the wider consciousness for centuries, possibly even millennia. All the items in this book were designed with two ideas in mind: they were created using Ancient technology so advanced that it seems like magic and they’ve gone through Hell since the apocalypse. Damaged, jury-rigged, infested with nanites and parasites, warped by energy, rebuilt by insane machines — these are the kinds of changes that make these artifacts dangerous, unpredictable, and, above all, unique. Quantum Flux contains 86 unique superscience artifacts suitable for use in any modern, sci-fi, or post-apoca...

    Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #39: Unique Superscience Artifacts
    Regular price: $0.99
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    Imagine — barely 50 years ago — pulling out your smart phone in Dallas to take a selfie as President Kennedy passed by. The technology people casually sit on today might have gotten you disappeared by an alphabet agency, for possessing alien devices and/or photobombing by the Grassy Knoll gunman. A hundred years ago, talking into your hand could have landed you in an asylum. Three centuries ago, they would have burned witches for catapulting surly birds at petulant pigs. This idea, Clarke’s Second Law, is a powerful philosophical/imaginative concept and a very useful tool for Mutant Lords. In Mutant Future, it translates into superscience: Ancient equipment so advanced it seems supernatural, able to break the laws of physics and engineering. Wisdom from the W...

    Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #42: Unique Superscience Artifacts II
    Regular price: $0.99
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    Excalibur. Mjolnir. Aegis. The Millennium Falcon. The Eiffel Tower. A red shirt. A sonic screwdriver. The Horn of Roland. The Spear of Destiny. Whether from myth, history, fiction, fantasy, or actual real life, weapons and armor, personal objects, vehicles and buildings all can become iconic, even legendary and use such advanced technology that they appear to be magical. Wisdom from the Wastelands’ first installment on superscience artifacts introduced the idea of creating these unique and amazing devices and this time around some of the artifacts get a little bigger and maybe even a little weirder. Wisdom from the Wastelands is dedicated to providing useful information, game content, and ideas to players of modern, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic table-top and...

    Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #44: Unique Superscience Artifacts III
    Regular price: $0.99
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    Following a theme begun in Wisdom from the Wastelands Issues #39 and #42, this issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands focusing on superscience artifacts coalesces around things alien — whether otherworldly, extra-planar, or just plain weird. Whether derived from myth, history, fiction, fantasy, or real life, weapons and armor, personal objects, vehicles and buildings can all become iconic, even legendary, and employ such advanced technology that they appear to be magical. Come and examine nine such items, the Mother Seed, Oasis In a Pill, Ooze Brain, Orange Block, Palace of Bones, Psion Shackles, Sea Charm, Silver Sphere, and Silver Twig. Wisdom from the Wastelands is dedicated to providing useful information, game content, and ideas to players of modern, science...

    Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #48: Unique Superscience Artifacts IV
    Regular price: $0.99
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    The unique items in this issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands are so advanced they appear magical to post-apocalyptic peoples. Although intended for use with Mutant Future, these items could easily be used in other science-fiction or fantasy games. Each has a history that will hopefully enrich, inspire, and possibly drive your own gaming story and, if desired, could become a central plot point or continuing idea for a whole gaming session or even an entire campaign.  Wisdom from the Wastelands is dedicated to providing useful information, game content, and ideas to players of modern, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic table-top and role-playing games in general and to fans of Goblinoid Games’ Mutant Future RPG in particular. The material it conta...

    Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #49: Unique Superscience Artifacts V
    Regular price: $0.99
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    With amazing powers, terrible mutants, and scientific advancements available only in our collective imagination, Mutant Future stretches the bounds of conception. From a foundation of Clarke’s Second Law and Goblinoid Games’ supplement Realms of Crawling Chaos, we present superscience artifacts, devices that are one step beyond and seemingly magical even to characters familiar with wondrously advanced technology. This issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands coalesces around the mind-bending, with artifacts ranging from hazardous personal-improvement gear and pet accoutrements to a many-pedal building and diabolical nightmare toys for both kids and adults. These items are intended for Mutant Future games but could easily fit into other science-fiction ...

    Total value: $9.94 Special bundle price: $3.99 Savings of: $5.95 (60%)
    Price: $9.94

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    The Storm Knights' Guide to Monster HuntersPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

    You can be the hunter, or you can be the hunted.

    One of the alien realities that has invaded Core Earth is known as Orrorsh - a reality of horror come to life. From this grim reality comes the popular Monster Hunter archetype for Torg Eternity. This 34 page supplement adds additional material for Monster Hunter or Orrorsh characters.

    • 36 New Perks including more Alchemy, Bulletsmithing and Medal options as well as perks that harness the dangerous power of corruption
    • New equipment including holy and occult items as well as weapons and armour
    • Information on joining and the benefits of Orrorshan Secret Societies and Hunting Lodges including examples of each
    • Updated rules on occult research and the risks of obsession
    I originally started working on this because the Monster Hunter player in my group was getting despondent knowing that the Orrorsh book is such a long way off - hopefully this can give some more options to your campaigns in a similar way!

    Price: $5.99

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    Esper Genesis Pregen Characters (5e)Publisher: Alligator Alley Entertainment

    Don't Go On a Mission Unprepared!

    This character pack contains nine ready-to-play Tier 1 characters for use with the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game.

    A version of each character is provided for each level within the Initiate Tier (Levels 1-4).

    Pregens included are:

    • Ashenforged Cybermancer (Ghost Persona)
    • Dendus Engineer (Medic)
    • Dendus Engineer (Tinker)
    • Eldori Adept (Battlemind)
    • Human Melder (Protoweaver)
    • Kesh Specialist (Infiltrator)
    • Matokai Sentinel (Champion)
    • Promethean Warrior (Paragon)
    • Valna Hunter (Stalker)
    Price: $0.00

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    F-ms-0002 - PURPLE GIANT DESERT SCORPIONSPublisher: antohammer the lonely wargamer


    Price: $1.00

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    Midgard Sagas for 5th EditionPublisher: Kobold Press

    Mystery & Death Stalk Midgard!

    Clocking in at a meaty 132 pages, Midgard Sagas presents six 5th Edition adventures for characters from levels 3 to 8.

    All six adventures were originally designed to be playable in a convention time slot of four to six hours, so they’re packed with fast action.

    An unnatural blizzard has characters trapped inside a famous general’s mansion, and a murderer is loose among them!

    Saboteurs have attacked the Puffing Bridge, bringing Zobeck to a halt. Characters must fight their way past the clockwork guards and defuse the situation—literally!

    Characters are hired to pull off a heist at one of the poshest—and most heavily guarded—nightclubs in Mhalmet. This shadow job will take extensive planning, timing, stealth, and nerves of steel.

    A time-warping artifact was recovered from the scene of a crime. To find out who wants it and why, characters must locate the ruined elven city of Thorn and brave the dangers of the legendary Chamber of Tomorrows.

    Dust goblin tribes are gearing for war in the Wasted West. It’s up to the characters to infiltrate the dust goblins’ remote territory, discover their secret, and put a halt to their plan before it dooms the entire region.

    Infection from space is ravaging the Northlands! Dwarven raiders with rotted brains attack their neighbors, their friends, even their own families. Finding the source of the infection is easy; destroying it won’t be!

    Price: $14.99

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    Mask of the Elemental Lords Part II: Children of the Scaled GodPublisher: The Smiling Bandit

    The plot to break the Elemental Concord may have failed, but the lizardfolk of the Siltscale tribe will not be defied! Their bloodthirsty god hungers for the citizens of Mindhakar driving the scaled denizens of the Fanged Mire to march to war.

    With an army approaching the city gates, the PCs are asked to seek aid from nearby allies to halt the armies of this scaled menace. Can they return in time to save the city from the frenzied forces of an insane shaman?

    This adventure is the follow up to the Mask of the Elemental Lords module. Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, it is meant for characters of levels 3-5.

    Price: $6.00

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    Dungeons in Blue - Small Dungeons #25Publisher: PBE Games

    Need a stand-alone map for your virtual tabletop game? Small Dungeons add self-contained maps to the Dungeons in Blue collection! Each Small Dungeons product contains a stand-alone, ready-to-fill dungeon map drawn in the classic-blue style. Each includes assorted tricks, traps, and features, but leaves plenty of room for the GM's additions. All Small Dungeons also include geomorph-ready versions of the GM and player maps, with the added doors, rooms, and corridors required to connect to other Dungeons in Blue tiles.

    The Dungeons in Blue series brings classic blue maps to the virtual tabletop! These ready-to-fill maps are packed with rooms, corridors, pits, and caves; all judiciously sprinkled with tricks and traps. Every geomorph tile seamlessly connects to every other tile in the series, providing the megadungeon builder tremendous freedom and flexibility.

    Small Dungeons #25 shows a small sewer system that dumps into an underground river. The water flows out of the complex's main entrance, providing easy entry to the sewers. This product includes:

    • Player and GM versions of a 100x200-foot stand-alone dungeon map.
    • Player and GM versions of the map with geomorph-ready additions.
    • A map legend image detailing all map markup.
    • A one-third scale summary map showing both versions of the player's map.
    • A short readme PDF.

    All maps are ready-to-use PNG-format files (100px per five-foot square) compatible with most virtual tabletops. Use them as-is, or combine them into larger maps using your favorite image processing software.

    Note that the preview image is one-third scale! Check out full-sized sample tiles in The Master List.

    Price: $1.29

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    Dominion of the Beast - Ready Made Sabbat CharactersPublisher: White Wolf

    "You know, I’m cursed with morals. I was raised a certain way. I wish I wasn’t. I wish I was raised by wolves"
    Carson Daily.

    Be welcome, all of you! Today, I am proud to show my Ready-Made Sabbat Characters! In
    this book I’ll show you, dear reader, what heights of depravity the Sword of Caine can reach!
    What terrible zealotry awaits? What abominations you will found in those pages! What are you
    waiting for? Begin reading! If you are brave enough, of course."

    Hello All. Ever felt like the Sabbat isn't getting enough love lately? Well,i fixed that,here's my first pack of Sabbat NPC'S or perhaps Player Characters,if you feel brave enough! So,what are you waiting for. Brave those pages

    Price: $2.00

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  • 11/29/18--11:51: Iconic Archetypes: Megamorph
  • Iconic Archetypes: MegamorphPublisher: Misfit Studios

    This ICONS Superpowered RPG release brings you The Megamorph Iconic Archetype. This ready-to-go character build provides a foundation for you to develop a hero of your own that is able to grow to enormous heights, increasing their mass as they do so. Gamemasters can also use the archetype as the basis for quickly building NPC heroes or villains off-the-cuff.

    Each Iconic Archetype presents the basic build, plus ideas for some typical roles the character may fill, along with variations you may want to explore.

    ICONS and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Steve Kenson and Ad Infinitum Adventures, and are used under license

    Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.

    Price: $0.99

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  • 11/29/18--12:09: Hydra #6
  • Hydra #6Publisher: Wilhelm's games

    Speltidningen Hydra handlar om OSR och KSR.

    I det här numret finner du bland annat de sista nivåerna av Axis Mundi Mega Dungeon, ett äventyr till Cyber M/77 och en omfattande recension av Drakar och Demoner (1984).

    Price: $2.49

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    Skryba Końca Świata nr 12 09/2018Publisher: Legacy of the Empire

    Nowy numer Skryby Konca Swiata jest już tutaj! Znajdziecie w nim:

    • kolejny tekst z serii Ciekawe miejsca, tym razem inspirowany kampania konwentowa;
    • kolejny odcinek Róży Laine. w ktorym pewne sekrety zaczna wychodzić na jaw;
    • eseje o sługach i królewnach;
    • Imperium Podzielone: wielki finał naszej kampanii!
    Price: $2.00

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    Print & Paste Dungeon textures: Books, Scrolls & PotionsPublisher: Crooked Staff Publishing

    This pdf file contains all of the textures you'll need to make the dungeon accessories featured in the video below.

    So grab them for free, or pay as little (or as much) as you like!

    Price: $1.00

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  • 11/29/18--13:52: The Underwater People
  • The Underwater PeoplePublisher: Bully Pulpit Games

    The Pitch

    The Underwater People is a gently funny and melancholy game about outsiders forced to assimilate.

    You play people who really ought to live underwater but are, instead, selling real estate and wireless plans in suburban Atlanta. So you are a princess of Atlantis, or a swamp monster, or a siren, literally a fish out of water in the dry world, and the people you meet at a Day's Inn conference room once a month are solace and reminder.

    This requires for 4-10 players, including one player/facilitator and about 2 hours.

    The Underwater People

    For the first time, a group of underwater people are getting together to meet, share their lives, and commiserate about life out of water. Secret gill-men, naiads, barnacle lords, fish-women, and the people who love them all meet in their reluctantly adopted hometown far from the sea, all glad for some understanding and companionship in a dry, difficult world full of secrets and hardship. Maybe if things go well this can be a monthly thing.

    What's Included?

    A 30-page PDF, including facilitator instructions and character cards. 


        Comment here, or get in touch with us at

        Effusive Praise?

        We're on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Tag us in @bullypulpit_HQ.

        Thank you to our supporters on Drip for making this game possible.

        Price: $8.00

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        The Mad Wizard Menagerie_Raykova_ENC056Publisher: Encoded Designs

        I am the Mad Wizard and I have allowed myself to be captured by the Order of Magistratus Arcanum. I have deemed it the appropriate time to write of my journeys and talk of my experiences while relaxing in my cell. The Order is full of questions, so I shall give them answers. I will call my writings The Mad Wizard's Menagerie as a nod to the Order's narrow-minded views and ridiculous policies. In my notes I will tell about the creatures I have seen, fought, admired, or killed in my travels. I will sketch them as well, for pictures are as powerful as portals for the limited mind.

        If you care for a closer look, you can see a sample here (PDF). 

        This instalment is the Raykova. An Ocean-Dwelling predator with quite a bad attitude. It makes it worse since they can speak directly to your mind. Within you'll hear about their martial tendencies and how I may have interfered with their culture just to see what would happen.

        If you wish to peruse these monsterous writings sooner or for less money or engage me directly you may do so via Patreon here.

        This product include lore, art, a stat block, Tokens for printing and for VTT, and a new spell along with a very sassy Mad Wizard.

        The Mad Wizard's Menagerie is produced by Encoded Designs, written by Shawn Merwin, edited by Robert M. Everson, illustrated by Matt Morrow, and laid out by Christopher Sniezak. 

        Price: $2.50

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      • 11/29/18--15:30: SagaBorn Sanity Rules
      • SagaBorn Sanity RulesPublisher: Lone Wanderer Entertainment

        A set of mental damage rules for your tabletop d20 game.

        Sanity rules in SagaBorn attempt to simulate the inner workings of a character’s mind as they deal with the strange world of Atheles.

        There are two reasons we think this is an important addition to the SagaBorn core game. First is to illustrate the difficulties in the characters' minds of the characters as they encounter with the bizarre and often terrible things happening around them. The first time the undead rise up to fight might be a mind-numbing event, not just a combat encounter. Or, opening and reading a Grim Mortis warps the character's perspective of the universe. Thus, keeping track of sanity becomes a scale trying to balance a sane mind amidst the horrors that Atheles contains.

        The second is to add consequences to overt violence. We don't have alignments in SagaBorn, but acts of unwarranted violence are considered evil. When one commits these acts, they erode the barriers that separate them them from being more than brutish animals. In a tabletop game where we are simplifying a complex world into a world built on numeric formulas, these rules will allow players to have their characters deal with the loss of compassion and understanding.

        *While written for the Sagaborn Roleplaying Game, these rules can be used for most other d20 roleplaying games.


          Click Here to download the SagaBorn RPG PDF (Pay What You Want)

          Click here to purchase the SagaBorn RPG Print Edition

          Other SagaBorn Products:

          Class Ability Cards: Print   PDF

          Talent Deck: PDF

          Spell Cards: Print     PDF

          The Cursed Grove - Intro Adventure

          Price: $0.99

          0 0
        • 11/29/18--15:38: FoE Fantasy Miniatures Game
        • FoE Fantasy Miniatures GamePublisher: Gethsemane Games

          Cry, Havoc! And let slip your imagination.

          Designed to let you play anything from a skirmish level game up to a mass battle the rules are designed for use with any scale miniatures you wish. In keeping with the flexible nature of the system, you can use miniatures by any manufacturer in your fantasy wargames using these d10 based rules.

          Whether you want to have a few brave heroes defending a village from brutal bandits, A band of stealthy Cat-man assassins raiding a Ratman camp or a Goblin horde throwing itself against the mighty citadel walls of a magnificent city, FoE is an ideal rule set for you.

          Stage battles in your favourite fantasy lands from literature, TV or your own imagination or use the Elizium setting provided - it's up to you.

          With rules for a wide range of creatures from animals to Wyrm kind, Beast-men to demons, FoE lets you build the army you want to field.

          Customize your own magical items for your armies and characters to wield.

          Clever use of manoeuvres, formations and tactics can swing a game of FoE giving the weaker (on paper) force a fighting chance if its player uses them to best effect.

          Price: $10.00

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        • 11/29/18--15:39: The Siege of Rootkeep 011
        • The Siege of Rootkeep 011Publisher: StoryForge

          After a long and arduous journey through the Rotlands, the heroes at last make it to the citadel of Rootkeep, only to find their enemies, the Army of the Frontier, already at its gates. Can the heroes convince Rootkeep’s disillusioned queen to keep up the fight, and can they solve the mystery of the artifact given to them, and save this last stronghold against evil? 011 is the second part of a three part series of asset packs, and is meant as an epic siege story for level four players. Choices made in the previous pack will effect this one, and determine the allies and enemies the players face. 012 will conclude this tale with an epic final boss battle.

          Price: $10.00

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