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    Chameleon Class light TransportPublisher: Mysthawk Productions

    The Chameleon Class Light Transport is designed to carry small cargos through systems too dangerous for larger slower Craft. Dare you roll the dice of fate and challenge lifes adventures?

    Price: $4.99

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  • 12/21/18--08:43: Haunted
  • HauntedPublisher: John Battle

    Haunted is Undertale meets D&D. It's a weird rpg adventure through a land of giants, all wearing sheets like ghost costumes. Take your players through spectacular, undead lands, and dangerous tricks, traps, and monsters as you search for the secret to defeating THE BEAST in this entirely hand-drawn and hand-written book, completed as an Inktober challenge.

    Includes unique sanity rules which reference the Player/Character distinction, along with all new monsters and a quick and easy way to make stats for them on the fly. An easy to learn and use NPC layout will make roleplaying as the DM intuitive and fun. 

    Good luck, don't die.

    Price: $4.00

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    Atomic Ninja Presents: Adventure ArchetypesPublisher: Atomic Ninja Studios

    Atomic Ninja Presents: Adventure Archetypes is a collection of 21 ready to play archretypes for your Savage Worlds Adventure Edition games! Perfect for one shots or convention games, or when you just need a Novice rank character lickity split. Add a personality, pick your Hindrances, and you're off to the races!  

    Price: $9.99

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  • 12/21/18--08:51: Fudge Football
  • Fudge FootballPublisher: TAGames

    A table-top simulation game of American Football

    Price: $4.00

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  • 12/21/18--09:08: Cepheus Light: Traits
  • Cepheus Light: TraitsPublisher: Stellagama Publishing

    A Cepheus Light - or, indeed, and Cepheus Engine - character is so simple, in fact, that it can fit onto an index card. However, some players prefer to further flesh out and customize their characters. Some want to play a specialized scientist. Others want an ace pilot or an elite sniper. While Cepheus Light skills – Science and Gun Combat, respectively - cover these fields in general, they allow little specialization. Both a gunslinger and a sniper will have the same Gun Combat skill, and both a physicist and a biologist will have the same Science skill. Thus, the desire, in some cases, for further customization and for more varied and interesting character options.

    This supplement allows such customization by adding 44 Traits – special attributes and talents of the characters, providing unique specialization and other options for Cepheus Light characters.

    It is also fully compatible with the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document and other OGL 2D6 Sci-Fi games.

    Price: $1.00

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  • 12/21/18--11:20: Map of the North Pole
  • Map of the North PolePublisher: Eumitto

    12" x 18" Small Poster, Deluxe Paper, Single-sided, Square-corner, No UV Coating

    The North Pole is a land of floating skybergs, territories of ice and fantasy that are shrouded in cold and darkness. Only once a year can Santa Claus touch the earth due to ancient restrictions on his type of magic. Players become his agents, summoned and sent forth to carry out the tasks that he himself cannot perform to keep the realm safe, uncover mysteries and keep Christmas Alive!

    Price: $2.50

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    100 Things to Find in a Craft StorePublisher: Pink Dice Bag Publishing

    Ya know what? I bet there's something useful in there.

    This list features 100 items that might be found in a typical craft/hobby store, particularly in America. From bolts of upholstery fabric to heat guns to knitting needles, this list has it all. Whether the party is combing through the ruins of a post-apocalyptic disaster or are looking to suit up before taking on...whatever that thing is, they'll find all they need here.

    Looking for some more modern stuff lists? Check out our 100 Things to Find in a New Age or Occult Store and 100 Things to Find in an Antique Store lists.

    Price: $0.99

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    Beginner Baubles: Heraldic TrappingsPublisher: DeepDark Designs

    Kickstart your next campaign

    Get equipped for adventure with Beginner Baubles, the groundbreaking series from DeepDark Designs that makes 5th Edition character creation even more exciting, thrilling, and rewarding than ever before. Once you've experienced Beginner Baubles for yourself, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them!

    So, What Are Beginner Baubles?

    Beginner Baubles are rare, one-of-a-kind objects that are either magical in nature or else exceptional in some other way. The rules governing their acquisition and use are a little bit different to those that relate to Magic Items, but the two function similarly enough that anyone who's played 5th Edition should feel at home with their use right away. What makes them super fun and interesting is that unlike magic items, which are generally kept under lock and key until the players have chalked up hours and hours at the table (and their characters trudged through a litany of tasks and trials), Beginner Baubles instead serve as an exciting new facet of character creation and are usually provided before the players hit the table with their characters for the very first time.

    With Beginner Baubles, every adventurer is blessed with a powerful gift at the start of their career. A boon worthy of the brave deeds and legendary feats of the hallowed heroes of yesteryear, in whose footsteps they will walk as they embark on their own grand adventure. Though their story is not yet written, the call to adventure is strong, and all true heroes must heed it.

    And Heraldic Trappings?

    Heraldic Trappings is the final entry in the Beginner Baubles line. Released monthly, each new issue in the series has been packed to bursting with weird and wonderful prizes just waiting to be greedily devoured by the gluttons at your table. In addition to the baubles themselves, each supplement also includes fully-playtested new rules and mechanics, outstanding presentation and production values, a torrent of premium-quality artwork, and extra materials designed to help you get the most out of the series. Additionally, Beginner Baubles are completely setting-neutral, ready to be dropped into almost any fantasy world that allows for magic items and objects. Best of all, adopting a completely modular approach, each entry in the series can be used as a standalone supplement or in conjunction with any others that you acquire.

    Beginner Baubles: Heraldic Trappings presents 20 dignified and dependable baubles that belong in grand banquet halls and splendid throne rooms. Errant knights, veteran soldiers, valiant heroes, brave bannerets, gallant chevaliers, lords, barons, monarchs, and all other manner of noblemen and noblewomen will all discover a treasure befitting their station here.

    Heraldic Trappings includes the following baubles:

    • Abrecartas. Likely found in the hands of a king or queen's trusted servant, this handy letter opener is able to detect the presence of poisons and diseases, and even helps ward its wielder against their depredations. 
    • Barliman's Barricade. This enormous bulwark once belonged to a knight from a faraway land, serves as a shield just as easily it might a toboggan or tavern door, and introduces a new armor type to 5th Edition, Tower Shields.
    • Champion's Caparison. This impressive heavy metal plate barding has been designed to protect the horse of a prominent knight or esteemed commander, and benefits both their leadership and the preparedness of their troops.
    • Jester's Jinglestick. This macabre jinglestick features the decapitated head of a smirking kobold and serves as a useful tool for a bard or another kind of entertainer. 
    • Perceptive Purse. This unusual, one-of-a-kind tax collector's coin purse sniffs out those with something to hide and forces them into the light.
    • Staynn. This terrifying helmet strikes fear into those stare upon its cold, uncaring visage whilst serving to protect its wearer from whatever danger comes their way.

    Preview of the cover and interior of Beginner Baubles Heraldic TrappingsPreview of the interior and rear cover of Beginner Baubles Heraldic Trappings

    Price: $5.06

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    Sci-fi Starship Deck Plans #3Publisher: Luminous Design

    Sci-Fi Starship Deck Plans #3 is a generic set of deck plan maps perfect for interior map designs for your runabout or light cargo interstellar spacecraft. Several of the deck plan maps have been left deliberately blank so that you can add your own notations or import your own room furnishing icons. The original concept of these maps was for each grid square to equal two meters but you can rescale that to fit any size you like for your own projects. Two deck maps are included but you can arrange these in any order to make your ship have as many decks as you need for your design. 

    Price: $1.00

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    Revenant World Printable Resource PacketPublisher: Vagabond Pen and Paper

    This is a packet of Revenant World resources for quick reference at the table. It contains abbreviated versions of the rules for Maneuvers, Lullabies, and Status Effects, as well as the playbook pages for every Job and Arcanum.

    Price: $0.00

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    Advanced Options: New Barbarian Primal PathsPublisher: Necromancers of the Northwest

    Unleash Your Primal Power!


    Now on its fifth edition, the world’s oldest roleplaying game presents a number of exciting options to allow players to customize their characters. It seems like just about every class in the game gives players a major choice that can heavily alter the way their character operates, such as a barbarian’s primal path, a paladin’s oath, or a warlock’s pact. While the core rules give every class a handful of these options to choose from, and additional supplements from Wizards of the Coast have provided a few more here and there, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of room for more of these options to provide you with exciting new approaches to each class, which can give you a some new tricks, allow you to represent flavorful ideas and concepts that had no support previously, or completely turn the class’s basic role on its head. The Advanced Options series is here to give you those new options.


    This installment focuses on the primal paths available to the barbarian class. It first presents four new totem spirits, which can be used in conjunction with any existing primal path that already offers the use of totem spirits. Defend yourself with the slow but steady turtle totem, outwit your foes with the tricky raven totem, outmaneuver them with the graceful elk totem, or revel in draconic might with the fearsome dragon totem. The book also presents three brand new primal paths, including the path of blood, whose followers ritually consume the hearts of their foes to gain demonic powers, the path of the overflowing mug, whose followers find strength, bravery, and combat prowess in the bottom of an ale mug, and the path of the scarred hide, for barbarians who only become stronger and angrier the more they are injured.


    Take your game up to the next level with our advanced options for fifth edition today!

    Price: $1.99

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    100 Things to Find in a Ruined European Style CastlePublisher: Pink Dice Bag Publishing

    I wonder why everyone left in such a hurry. Look, there's still unfinished food on the tabels.

    This list features 100 items that might be found in a ruined castle. From a copper bed warming pan to fine silk dress sealed in a chest to a large ceramic jug of mead, still sealed, this list has it all. Whether the party is combing through the ruins of an abanodned city or are checking out the place that they decided to spend the night in, they'll find all they need here.

    Looking to create a castle of your own? Then check out our Castle Generator! It has everything you need to create a European style medieval castle from scratch!

    Price: $0.99

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  • 12/21/18--13:22: 2x2 Fantasy Map Pack
  • 2x2 Fantasy Map PackPublisher: OldCowboyGames

    A collection of 4 maps in 16 pages sized 8x11.  Each map is 4 pages in a 2x2 fasion.

    It includes

    1.   Small farm
    2. Large inn/tavern
    3. Medium sized Dungeon
    4. Forest trail
    Price: $0.79

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  • 12/21/18--13:23: Plunderlight Early Access
  • Plunderlight Early AccessPublisher: Bad Quail Games

    NOTE: Plunderlight is in active development. The downloads here will be updated with each new version until the game is completed. Plunderlight is laid out for print and may not view optimally on mobile phones and small tablets. For best viewing in Adobe Acrobat, set page display to 'Two Page View' and check 'Show Cover Page in Two Page View.'

    What You Get

    • A 185 page PDF of the core rules.
    • A 21 page PDF of a player reference booklet.
    • A 2 page PDF of the character sheet.
    • Access to all future updates to the digital core rulebook and sheets.

    The Basics

    Plunderlight is a dark fantasy role-playing game about ambitious characters following their convictions in a world of stark iniquity. There are deals in dark alleys, harrowing chases through haunted forests, duels fought in the morning rain, and pacts made with otherworldly powers who care naught for the plight of mortals.

    We play to find out if the characters' convictions drive them to disaster and sorrow, wealth and fame, or to revolution.

    The Setting

    The game takes place in the last days of a medieval period. Imagine our world in the 1480s. The printing press is a new invention, allowing information to move and propagate faster than ever before. The progeny of conquerors and despots have ruled over common folk for nigh on a thousand years, growing fat on the exploitation of serfs, peasants, and any outsiders. Wealthy merchant adventurers are little better, seeking to exploit the trust of their common born kin and the greed of the nobility they aspire to emulate to amass their own great wealth.

    The world is also one of dark fantasy. Ambitious scholars collude with otherworldly powers to bring about sinister sorceries. Remnants of the ruinous past dot the countryside, promising great wealth for those who plumb their depths, and doom to those who linger too long within their hollows.


    Plunderlight offers an infinitely flexible fiction first system where the narration of the game as established by the GM and players directly influences the dice rolled. The core action loop is:

    1. The GM describes the challenges facing the characters.
    2. The player describes how their character addresses the challenge.
    3. The GM and players work together to decide what elements of the fiction can be tagged for Edges and Setbacks.
    4. Start with 2D10. After cancelling each other out on a 1-for-1 bases, each Edge or Setback gives +1D10, up to +3D10 (a total of 5 dice rolled).
    5. The player rolls their dice and keeps 2 to add to their Skill, Relationship, or Reputation modifier. If they rolled with an Edge, they keep the 2 highest dice. If they rolled with a Setback, they keep the 2 lowest dice.
    6. The roll generates Hits based on the sum of the kept dice and the character's modifier. Hits can be spent to avoid complications or retribution, bring about the character's intent, gain Momentum, or to create an advantage for future rolls.
    7. The player describes how their character brings about the effects of their Hits.
    8. The GM describes how the world reacts to the character's actions.


    Plunderlight is laid out for printing on 6" x 9" pages. It features generous margins for annotation. Whether you're writing down clarifications of game procedure or your own house rules, Plunderlight gives you the space to make the game your own. It's okay to write in your book. That's what the margins are there for.

    Plans for the Future

    Plunderlight is in active development and playtesting. The game files will be updated regularly as the game evolves. Illustrations will be commissioned to open each chapter and to fill out pages left blank for layout reasons. As art assets are developed, an artless version of the game will be made available for no cost.

    Price: $10.00

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  • 12/21/18--13:24: Hot Circle RPG
  • Hot Circle RPGPublisher: Friendly Ghost Games

    Hot Circle RPG is a spark (fan hack) flung from the Burning Wheel by Luke Crane. It attempts to miniaturise and abstract the intricate technology that powers the Burning Wheel to a minimum derivative game.

    It's a self contained hack that replaces things that involve long lists in Burning Wheel (traits, skills, lifepaths) with freeform descriptors in the style of Over the Edge, Fate, etc. From this base the framework is extended with compromises (replacing scripted conflicts), conditions, ability tests (using lifepaths to generate circles, wises, resources, and deeds aka flashbacks), and a modified artha cycle (coupled to advancement and compel interactions).

    Hot Circle RPG v0.2 is an alpha playtest document. The framework should be sound but the numbers may be off. It is designed in an easily printable zine format and is free to use.

    Price: $0.00

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    Beyonder: The Science of the SixPublisher: Flying NightBear Games

    This book contains rules for the tabletop RPG, Beyonder.  It also includes a history of the Tamarran Continent, where game play takes place, in-depth descriptions of three places in the world; the city of Tarnath, Naldrin City, and the Region of Jowea.

    There are two methods for creating a new PC in this book.  The first is Make-Your-Character-with-an-Adventure (MYCA), where you play a short adventure, make choices, and end up with a custom-made character just to your liking.  The second is the crunchy version where you get to make detailed choices about your PCs stats.

    Also includes almost 500 Energetic "Powers", which are the supernatural abilities that allow your PC to shape the world and bend it to your will.

    Finally, the book has full-page color illustrations for each of the Ten Races, the playable races in our game.

    Price: $18.00

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  • 12/21/18--13:27: Invasion Rukezha
  • Invasion RukezhaPublisher: An-core

    One shot para el juego de rol FENIX sistema base, en el cual los aventureros deveran entrar una peligrosa cueva para derrotar a una raza guerrera, secretos, combates y misterios rodean este lugar, ya con el manual base puede jugar esta aventura, si no lo tienes descargalo, es GRATIS. 

    Price: $0.00

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  • 12/21/18--13:31: The Other Side Core Rulebook
  • The Other Side Core RulebookPublisher: Wyrd Miniatures

    The Other Side

    The year is 1906. A tyrannical organization known as the Guild is keeping the world under its thumb and has been for nearly a century. The undercurrent of dissent and rebellion among the nations of Earth grows closer to the tipping point with each passing day. Just as tensions reach their height, dimensional portals open in the skies above London, destroying the city and seeding its ruins with horrendous creatures pulled from the nightmarish world of Malifaux.

    It is time to take up arms and fight to save (or conquer) the world! Command squads of troops, twisted monsters, and giant robots as you struggle to claim the battlefields of Earth for your own.

    - - -

    The Other Side is a fast-paced tabletop wargame about Allegiances doing battle across the Earth in a fight for supremacy and survival. Players choose their Allegiances and assemble forces composed of 32mm preassembled miniatures to create a unique game experience each time they play.

    Conflict is resolved using a deck of cards. Players can Cheat Fate by replacing a flipped card with one from their hand, directly altering their chance for success on the battlefield. Tactics Tokens provide an additional element of resource management, giving players unparalleled control over their own destinies.

    The rules are streamlined and easy to learn, allowing for intuitive and cinematic gameplay. Whether you want to have a small battle featuring two Commanders facing off or a massive confrontation featuring multiple Commanders on both sides, The Other Side is sure to deliver an exciting, strategic game experience every time you play.

    Price: $35.00

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  • 12/21/18--13:59: Hungry Cities
  • Hungry CitiesPublisher: Côme Martin

    Hungry Cities is my mini-RPG for December 2018.

    It's a GMless game for 1 to 6 players in whichplayers take either the part of Travelers wandering through a mysterious City or the part of a City which wants to keep the Travelers within its walls.

    It's a tale of strange urban exploration which can be played solo or with several players.

    Price: $1.00

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  • 12/21/18--14:03: New Game System [BUNDLE]
  • Publisher: Starbright

    This special bundle product contains the following titles.

    Regular price: $15.00
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    A cyberpunk setting powered by Multiverse Adventures, with the rules you need to play baked right in. This is the Multiverse Adventures version of the original best-selling Cyber-Fate game. Cyber-Multiverse is set on Earth in the future when city sprawl covers huge areas of the planet. Humanity has made the jump off planet, but only as far as Mars. It's a dangerous world, full of corporate goons, street samurai, androids, towering cities and toxic weather. This distinctive background, with a gritty, cyberpunk feel, is an intense future-dystopia where the GM's and players' imaginations can run wild. The PDF includes everything needed to start playing, with character creation rules, a timeline showing how the world got so messed up, a list of megacorporations, gear, cybernetics, net ...

    Multiverse Adventures
    Regular price: $0.50
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    The Multiverse Adventures system is designed to be complete and capable of simulating any setting. The same versatile rules are used to create all the elements of the setting, whether they be humans, elves, monsters, robots, vehicles, or equipment. The design system is simple and the powers and abilities that can be assigned to each element are almost infinitely customisable. The rules use a simple ranking system for every element of the game. There are no separate systems of rules for characters, monsters, magic, vehicles, superpowers etc. They can all be modelled using the same simple but flexible system. It's easy to use, easy to remember, but incredibly versatile. The game comes with lots of examples of characters, monsters, vehicles and equipment to show how the system can be use...

    Present Day Cthulhu (Multiverse Adventures)
    Regular price: $15.00
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    The Cthulhu Mythos for the Multiverse Adventures system (the Fate Core version is here). This book includes a present day Cthulhu setting and a compact version of the Multiverse Adventures rules, so you have everything you need to confront cosmic horrors in one place. This 164-page book provides Mythos locations, Monsters, NPCs, the Dreamlands, an example scenario, several cults, a secret history of the Earth, and uncanny Mythos tomes, with the spells and powers they contain. The Earth is doomed and there is nothing your puny efforts can do to avert its fate, but it's your duty to try!...

    Space Pirates powered by Multiverse Adventures
    Regular price: $15.00
    Bundle price:
     Watermarked PDF
    This is a very detailed setting that brings space pirates to the Extreme Future universe. The setting includes all the Multiverse Adventures rules in this book, so it can also be played as a stand-alone game. There are descriptions of life aboard a pirate spaceship, explanations for why spaceships on the Tarazet Periphery have large heat sails rigged on them and have their weapons mounted in broadsides. The economics of pirate plundering, and the trade routes they prey on are covered in depth, and the strategies pirates use in their attacks are also covered in just as much detail. So roll up a ship full of pirates and start plundering on the Tarazet Periphery, me hearties!...

    Total value: $45.50
    Special bundle price: $18.00
    Savings of: $27.50 (60%)
    Price: $45.50

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