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  • 12/17/18--11:37: GoblinPunk: 5th Edition
  • GoblinPunk: 5th EditionPublisher: Shotgun Angel Games LLC

    Normal goblins are enough trouble, but a new threat has emerged wielding the mighty powers of steam and iron. Goblin warlord Watchtooth Ambergris has rallied the goblin tribes, and given them fearsome steam-powered weaponry. Only your heroes stand in the way of their clockwork monstrosities, powerful zeppelins, and hordes of steampunk goblins. A new adventure awaits at the turn of a gear, with new foes, epic battles, and one power hungry goblin engineer. Are you up to the challenge.Inside you will find:

    -An adventure for the 5th Edition Roleplaying Game that accommodates group of any level between 1 and 10

    -Stats for steampunk goblins, steam golems, and other pests

    -Stats for Kickstarter backer created goblin "heroes"

    -New feats and items that bring Watchtooth's clockwork vision to life

    Price: $9.99

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  • 12/17/18--11:44: The Heroic Age
  • The Heroic AgePublisher: Agamemnon Press

    Enter the Mythical World of Ancient Greece!

    The Heroic Age is an exciting new campaign setting in which players take on the role of demigods. Play as the children of Zeus, Ares, and Athena. Stand alongside epic heroes like Agamemnon, Ajax, and Achilles in the golden age of heroes. 

    The Heroic Age includes: 

    • Demigod racial traits with special options for eleven different Olympians. 
    • 25 new magic items inspired by Greek mythology. 
    • 9 new monsters inspired by Greek myth, including a statblock for Zeus, mightiest of the Olympians. 
    • 200 ancient Greek names.
    • 15 ancient Greek NPCs.
    • 14 pages of historical and mythical lore. 
    Price: $4.99

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  • 12/17/18--11:49: Fight/Item/Run
  • Fight/Item/RunPublisher: Whimsy Machine Games

    Buy before 12/31 to enter a raffle to win a pixel art character portrait by Anaïs Maamar! Details here.

    It’s dungeons all the way down. You travel deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of chambers, monsters, and loot, clinging to some final goal — maybe a climactic showdown with big baddie, maybe it’s escape. You fight your way through, use the items you get along the way, and run when it gets too tough, all so you can do it over again. Welcome to Fight/Item/Run.

    Written by Taylor Smith and published by Whimsy Machine Media, Fight/Item/Run is Powered by the Apocalypse with specific aid from Simple World from Buried Without Ceremony. It is additionally inspired by old school dungeon crawler and fantasy RPG video games. 

    Price: $4.99

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    Special Delivery: Clearance Crate!Publisher: Firebrand Enterprises

    5 story hooks with a fun presentation for use with any system!

    Price: $1.00

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    Tao Chi (Fantasy Martial Arts RPG)Publisher: J. David Chrisman

    Enter the Middle Kingdom - a country flowing with Chi, the vital essence of the Cosmos. Travel this adventurous land as you seek the Golden Elixir of Immortality. Only the most worthy Eternals will ascend to the Immortal Dragon. Do you have what it takes? Venture into the world of Tao Chi and find out!

    Price: $4.95

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  • 12/17/18--13:32: Air Force One
  • Air Force OnePublisher: MmpApps

    Part of our Presidential map series, Air Force One includes 12 full-size maps detailing the Flight Deck, Main Deck and Cargo Deck of the official airplane of the President of the United States of America.

    Designed to be able to be used with any roleplaying game system, these maps are easily able to be integrated into popular Virtual Tabletop (VTT) systems such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds or others. The maps may also be printed.

    Whether your characters are superheroes or secret service agents trying to thwart an attack or an elite special forces unit trying to rescue hostages from terrorists, or spies attempting to gain access to secret information, at some point or another in your campaign these maps will come in handy.

    In addition to a GM Notes booklet describing each of the maps and containing instructions for use, we have also included GM Notes layers as PNGs with transparent backgrounds to be placed on the GM Notes layer in VTTs. Full details on the files included are below.

    This set includes the following map files:

    • Air Force One - Top Deck.jpg
    • Air Force One - Top Deck (Grid).jpg
    • Air Force One Landed - Top Deck.jpg
    • Air Force One Landed - Top Deck (Grid).jpg
    • Air Force One - Top Deck - GM Overlay.png
    • Air Force One - Main Deck.jpg
    • Air Force One - Main Deck (Grid).jpg
    • Air Force One Landed - Main Deck.jpg
    • Air Force One Landed - Main Deck (Grid).jpg
    • Air Force One - Main Deck - GM Overlay.png
    • Air Force One - Cargo Deck.jpg
    • Air Force One - Cargo Deck (Grid).jpg
    • Air Force One Landed - Cargo Deck.jpg
    • Air Force One Landed - Cargo Deck (Grid).jpg
    • Air Force One - Cargo Deck - GM Overlay.png
    • Air Force One - GM Notes.pdf

    The GM Overlay.png files are made to be placed on the GM notes layer in your Virtual Tabletop system of choice. Since they are the same size as the map, once the settings for the map are correctly set, they can be easily placed on the GM notes layer.

    Users are granted a license to use these maps and GM Notes for their personal use only via either display on a virtual tabletop gaming system (VTT) or to print them to be used for reference and/or play-aids. Any commercial use is strictly forbidden without express written permission. If you wish to use the maps and/or GM Notes in a public live stream video of your game or in the context of a review please contact us at support (at) mmpapps (dot) com to secure permission. The license is not transferable and the maps and GM notes may not be redistributed, resold or sub-licensed in any way.

    Price: $2.99

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    Cavern Chambers 24Publisher: BattleMats


    Cavern Chambers - RPG Encounter Map

    24" x 24" image of cavern tunnels and chambers with optional square or hex grids.

    Files included:

    For Large Format Printing

    Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEGs for 1" and 1.5" square grid variations

    Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEGs for 1" and 1.5" hex grid variations

    Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEG with no grid variation

    For Virtual tabletop

    Zip file containing VTT optimised JPEGs with all grid variations

    Warning: for personal use only, commercial usage or printing for re-sale is not allowed.

    Price: $0.99

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    Stone Fort 24Publisher: BattleMats


    Stone Fort - RPG Encounter Map

    24" x 24" image of a stone fort with optional 1" square grid

    Files included:

    For Large Format Printing

    300DPI JPEG

    For Virtual tabletop

    72 DPI JPEG

    Warning: for personal use only, commercial usage or printing for re-sale is not allowed.

    Price: $0.99

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  • 12/17/18--15:02: Song of Stone
  • Song of StonePublisher: White Wolf

    The song of stone...

    Tormented by a cavernous prison, it has finally mustered enough power to drive its’ warden into madness, but is still too weak. When volunteers for a local historical event begin to camp in the area, the unwitting herd will be harvested – and devoured. As the ancient evil stirs, thirsting for blood, only one Pack stands between it and plans to bolster the forces of the Wyrm.

    is our best only defence.

    Song of Stone’ presents a scenario for Werewolf: the Apocalypse that balances investigation and courage with adherence to the Litany and preservation of the Veil. This title provides:

    • A fully-outlined story pitting the Pack against an emerging evil

    • NPCs that can act as allies (or unintentional adversaries) to the investigation

    • A new threat to Garou Nation

    • Six flexible story ideas to expand the scope of the story and even adapt it to other eras such as Werewolf: the Wild West

    Tread carefully cub, your elders have walked this path… and fallen from it

    Price: $1.40

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    VTT Campaign Map - The Hatrethor FrontierPublisher: DM Philosophy

    The underground world of the Drow and Dwarves is vast and complex.  Adventurers who find themselves here would be best served to have a ranger who knows the underdark, its environment, its peoples, and its very real threats.  The frontier lands serviced by the the Drow castle Hatrethor, are wild and dangerous for Drow, Dwarf, or any species finding themselves here.  The near by Dwarven redoubt of Khardread-Tor is the hard line in the sand to stop Drow incursions.  Between these two main outposts, lie numerous ruins as testament to their age old struggles.  To the north and south lie other species who venture in to the area to claim the riches left by Drow and Dwarf.  Orc, goblins, undead, and mindflayers stalk these caverns too...

    This map contains the underground frontier of the drow lands based around the drow castle of Hatrethor.

    There is a Hi Resolution file for printing.  It is 8000 x 6400 pixels.

    There is also a highly compressed version that is just under 5MB - perfect for VTT!  The quality of this map is so good, that you can zoom in to the map, and then crop and just use the parts as you see fit!

    Also included, is the map broken into 4 quarters, so that the file sizes are below 5MB (Roll20 free accounts have 5MB max asset size)


    Price: $3.99

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  • 12/17/18--15:08: Yarr! We Be Pirates!
  • Yarr! We Be Pirates!Publisher: John H. Reiher Jr. Games

    Ahoy mateys! Where ye be sailing? To adventure ya say? Well, what better adventure than to be a pirate! Yes, you, you can be a pirate and go off seeking precious booty! All ye need is a ship and a loyal crew and you'll be set to sail the Caribbean or the China Sea looking for fat Spanish Galleons or Chinese Junks! All loaded down with treasure!

    All you need to do this, is this deck of cards and a copy of Evil Hat's Fate Accelerated! You have the option of picking up our Print 'n Play PDF or you can get yerself some professionally printed cards, or you can do both!

    The deck has 20 aspect cards, 51 situation cards, and 20 NPCs and Ship cards for your gaming enjoyment!

    So hoist anchor, raise the misen mast, and set sail for adventure and let everyone know:

    Yarr! We Be Pirates!

    Price: $5.00

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    Deadlands Noir: Music to Die ForPublisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

    “The trumpet blasted like it was the end of days. The piano player pounded the ivories like demons were on his scent. And there I stood, caught between a rock, a hard place, and the Devil himself.”
    Give your Deadlands Noir game a feeling you can't get any other way—set the tone with a full hour of music made especially for Deadlands Noir by Harry Mack.
    Deadlands Noir: Music To Die For soundtrack contains 9 tracks of delicious, atmospheric and heroic music for your game sessions or your own Hellish enjoyment. For a taste of Deadlands Noir and the sultry tunes herein, search for Deadlands Noir on YouTube and watch the audio drama “Hard Times in the Big Easy.”
    1. Deadlands Noir
    2. The Grift
    3. Night Life
    4. Private Dicks
    5. Dark Times
    6. Patter
    7. Metairie
    8. The Big Kill
    9. Hard Times in the Big Easy
    Price: $9.99

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  • 12/17/18--16:36: Shadow Over Inowek
  • Shadow Over InowekPublisher: Silver Lantern Games

    A Fate-powered setting. Requires Fate Core rulebook to play.

    Deep within the marshlands lies the village of Inowek. For years, it's been terrorized by the evil vampire Count Alaric and his wife Miseria from within Castle Goisvintha that overlooks the village. The mayor of Inowek has hired you to infiltrate the castle and confront Alaric and Miseria. But their grasp extends far beyond his castle.

    Explore the village of Inowek to discover the darkness that lies within. Deception, dirty dealings, and death arise when the sun sets. Make alliances, but be wary of betrayal. Within the dark castle, you will stumble across monstrosities in various states of decay. They may be dead, but they still remain deadly. Prepare your weapons and be ready to traverse the horrors of Castle Goisvintha!

    Price: $4.00

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  • 12/17/18--16:46: Mythic Hero Character Sheet
  • Mythic Hero Character SheetPublisher: Randwulf Publishing Inc.

    Character sheet for the Mythic Hero fantasy RPG.

    Price: $0.00

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    NeoExodus Chronicles: Monsters of Exodus (5E)Publisher: LPJ Design

    Exodus boasts a turbulent history - from the rise of the Kaga to the defeat of the First Ones and the events of the Twilight War. From creation of the Imperial Alliance to the present crisis that threatens to tear that alliance apart. Great heroes and terrible villains drove its march, though even in hindsight the two are not always easily separated. Theirs were the titanic passions, the burning obsessions and base treacheries in which modern Exodus was forged and tempered. The world of Exodus Needs heroes…

    Inside this sourcebook you will find for the NeoExodus campaign setting for 5E nearly 20 all new monsters for use in the NeoExodus campaign setting and your home setting including:

    • Caliban: Calibans are cannibalistic creatures that can be found throughout Exodus, though they are most common in the Wyldlands of Bal, where their brutality has earned them the admiration and friendship of many harsh rulers. The calibans share mankind’s hatred and fear of the First Ones, who enslaved them long ago.

    • Cynean-Hunter: These feline-looking creatures are made of living crystal, like the cyneans. Cynean-hunters have six legs and hunt mostly at night. As their name implies, they prefer to eat cynean flesh, but they also enjoy creatures with the earth subtype. They are common on the island of Gavea, but have been found throughout Exodus.

    • Exodite (First Ones): The most common of the First Ones, Exodites are creatures devoted to physical perfection and draconian self-discipline. As such, they typically take positions of command among the First Ones’ forces. As part of the collective of races that once ruled Exodus, they consider themselves superior to most other humanoid life. Exodites view the intelligent races outside the First Ones to be barely higher than beasts, suitable for little more than slaughter or servitude.

    • Locari: The locari resemble man-sized insect-like abominations, their chitin mottled with dark browns and grays, giving them great camouflage. Their features combine elements of insects, reptiles, and arachnids. They are only known to occupy the island of Ablis.

    • NeoExodus Dragons: The world of Exodus is inhabited by marvelous creatures, both dangerous and benign. Among the mightiest of these are dragons. Described herein are two new categories of dragon that can be found upon Exodus: the noble and mysterious stellar dragons, and the fell creatures known as conflict dragons. Both types provide for dangerous new foes. While the stellar dragons may be noble and high-minded, they tend to be dismissive of lesser creatures, finding them expendable in the face of achieving the greater good. The conflict dragons delight in misery and destruction and will run unchecked through the world, bringing its eventual demise, unless stopped by those with the power to do so.

    • Scythian: The scythian is a humanoid race of violent brutes serving the First Ones. Scythians have only one thing on their mind: violence. They live for killing and mayhem. Scythian soldiers are the most common type of Scythian encountered by the outside world.

    • And may more...

    Price: $5.99

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    CASTLE OLDSKULL - Oldskull Half-OgresPublisher: Kent David Kelly

    Vloglok smash!

    Here be best half-ogre ever. Stinkiest, mightiest, drunkenest.

    You need crush? Goblinses crush into mush?

    We got crushes. We got smashes.

    Bah, words so boring. Vloglok go stink now.


    I do believe that says it all, but in case you need a little bit more detail … this book is all about half-ogres, the half-forgotten player character race half-devised by Gary Gygax (and then abandoned) in 1979. Herein you will find my own detailed campaign notes, bringing the half-ogre up to speed for reintroduction into your own old school campaign.

    In addition to notes buffing up the race’s complexity gaps (concerning shamans, witch doctors, spell selections, racial interactions, level titles, name generators, haphazard composite armor, superior weapon choices, etc.), you’ll find lore and legendry that goes all the way back to the ogres of yore which inspired Gygax’s own ogres in the early 1970s: there are glimmers here of Andrew Lang, Charles Perrault, Bluebeard, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, Tom Thumb, the Pentamerone, and other old fairytales which have all been incorporated into the ogrish lexicon.

    It is, quite simply, the most detailed treatment of half-ogres ever!

    Lavishly illustrated throughout, with rules that can easily coincide with Basic, Expert, and Advanced FPRG play. Another fine mini-supplement from Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy.

    Price: $1.99

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  • 12/17/18--22:33: Archives of the Sky
  • Archives of the SkyPublisher: Aaron A. Reed

    A million years from now, humanity has spread across the galaxy and taken countless forms. Vast empires have come and gone like waves against an unimaginable shore. But some strange voyagers chose to remain outside the churn of civilizations, pursuing a greater purpose. When a new force comes to the galaxy, will these eternal wanderers remain who they are--or, at long last, change?

    Archives of the Sky is a tabletop storytelling game with an epic sci-fi backdrop and a focus on very human stories. No gamemaster or advanced preparation is required. You and some friends will collaboratively create a great House, a group of interstellar wanderers with a set of inviolable core beliefs--and then, like any good storytellers, devise a conflict that pits those beliefs against each other. 

    Game Features:

    • Epic sci-fi stories on a grand scale, in a galaxy you create at the table
    • 3-6 players collaborate to create Episodes of around four hours each
    • GM-less, story-focused rules in the tradition of games like Microscope, Downfall, and Fiasco
    • Create a deck of words from your favorite sci-fi novels, and draw from it when you need inspiration or a random outcome (or use a sample list of 800 juicy words if you don't have a stack of books handy!)
    • Play meta-roles like the Epic and the Intimate in addition to your character, focused on making the story breathtaking and huge in scope, or keeping it grounded in sensory details and emotion
    • Use tokens to threaten Values that connect to the developing plot, eventually positioning two Values within a Dilemma that puts them into conflict
    • Supports one-off or campaign play
    The 103-page rulebook (full color throughout) includes the complete rules plus a collection of useful bonus material:
    • Sample names for characters, stars, and planets
    • A read-aloud Quick-start Guide that introduces new concepts gradually as you play your first few scenes
    • Actual play examples (edited for clarity) to show key rules and mechanics in action
    • Four alternate settings and tips for making more of your own
    • Rules for a quicker "Fast Play" mode, ideal for one-shots or conventions
    • Awe-inspiring sci-fi art throughout
    If you just want to give the game a try with the bare-bones rules, check out Archives of the Sky: Free Version, a 20-page PDF with a basic layout and no art. 
    Price: $10.00

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  • 12/18/18--07:36: Mission Reports Volume 1
  • Mission Reports Volume 1Publisher: White Wolf

    Orpheus was crafted as a bold experiment in tabletop roleplaying games. Each book in the series advances a broad and world-changing metaplot in addition to introducing new systems and mechanics. Individual troupes may decide to introduce metaplot elements at their own pace, change the presentation of events, or ignore the metaplot entirely, keeping the focus of the game on the paranormal investigations carried out by Orpheus Group.

    Each supplement released for Orpheus includes a number of missions, which are presented as in character handouts representing Orpheus Group case files. These missions are presented in a standard format and designed largely to spark the Storyteller’s imagination for creating and running investigations.

    Mission Reports Volume 1 seeks to flesh out two mission write-ups from the Orpheus core book, providing a wealth of information for the Storyteller to use to create an immersive and enriched experience at the table.

    Mission Reports Volume 1 contains:

    • "Scenes From the Field" - new fiction in screenplay format.
    • Expanded character handouts for Mission #0776 from the Orpheus core book.
    • Expanded character handouts for Mission #0844 from Crusade of Ashes.
    • Two options for resolving each mission.
    • 8 NPC stat blocks including projectors, spirits and spectres!


    Yearning to Breathe FreeThe Lady of Trollskull PrioryA Small ProblemGame Master Companion and AdventuresWorse than DeathBlood & InkRangers of GhelspadPugmire System Guide or OGL 5e CreatorsDigging Up TroubleBizarre BestiaryContagion Savage EditionCitizens Divided

    DMs Guild:
    Storyteller’s Vault

    Price: $2.95

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  • 12/18/18--07:36: Magic of the Seasons
  • Magic of the SeasonsPublisher: White Wolf

    From Features and Treasures

    Faes are creatures of enchantment, of magic, of sorcery. They appearance is inhuman, they wield items of great power, and they tap into great power.

    To the Cantrips of the Four Dominions

    This book expands on what makes the fae so magical – their strange appearance, terrifying or alluring, their items of enchantment, and the sorcery of their cantrips.

    Magic of the Seasons includes:

    • New Lesser and Greater Features.
    • New common cantrips and cantrips for all four Dominions.
    • New treasures, both great and small.
    Price: $3.95

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  • 12/18/18--07:36: Curtain Call
  • Curtain CallPublisher: White Wolf

    All the world's a stage...

    1971, Soho. The Resurgence is upon the Kithain and the Ivory War is fought with knives in the dark. An idealistic motley of actors must save their beloved Freehold that means hope and home to them. A young Changeling must face the demons of her past, while a bloodthirsty killer stalks the streets of Swinging London to quench her need for youth and beauty. In a rickety theatre their paths will meet and their fates will be decided.

    ... and monsters are waiting in the wings.

    Inspired by the classical Hammer Horror films, this book gives you all the necessary information to run a story of intense fear and wonder, as the player characters have only one night to try to rekindle a Balefire, jumpstart a Dream Dance and save an innocent from an elder vampire addicted to fae blood.

    This book includes:

    - setting information on playing Changeling the Dreaming in Swinging London.
    - a Freehold for your motley to inhabit.
    - a complete plug-and-play scenario that can be completed in a night of gaming.
    - storytelling advice for facilitating immersive and considerate play.

    Price: $5.99

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