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  • 12/02/18--15:13: The Curse of Moht
  • The Curse of MohtPublisher: Ill Gotten Games

    Printable files

    Introducing, Curse of Moht, a cooperative, fully 3d-printable board game where players band together to explore a randomized world while battling the minions of an evil god.

    This is the first of our D6Modular Quest games (the parts of which will be fully compatible with one another). The game features 32mm scale character miniatures and a series of modular 6mm scale hexagonal terrain tiles. Numbered event counters are placed face-down and each correlates to an story challenge in the game manual. With 80 different events (in this core set), you're sure to get a different experience each time you and your friends play! All components print on FDM machines (or SLA/DLP if you prefer) without support (though the cultists require assembly). The game is currently in beta (version 1.1) and the rules may change, though the printable files will be consistent with the final version.

    Price: $0.00

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    Groups of Interest: The Hellfire HivePublisher: Red Star Gaming

    In the deepest Pit of Hell, a new force rises. Given motive by a Lesser Infernal Lord, the Hellfire Hive has been created? Its task? None other than the defeat of all the Abyss, but often, this path leads right through the material plane and starts with the subjugation of all Mortal Life. 

    Get this book today, to learn more about this new Formian Hive! The Hellfire Hive presents new challenges for your players, and a way to make a trully alien intelligence into an undeniable force for Evil!

    Price: $1.99

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    First Five Fantasy Roleplaying Character SheetPublisher: Grimm Aramil Publishing

    A landscape A4 character sheet for First Five Fantasy Roleplaying, and Basic versions of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

    Price: $0.50

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    Worlde of Legends™ GamePlay Preview - Skilled + Actions Special Edition - Majik: Familiar BondPublisher: Worlde of Legends

    Worlde of Legends is a pen and paper, tabletop, fantasy role-playing game currently under development. Check out our SPECIAL EDITION preview in the series describing the Worlde of Legends™ SKILLED + ACTIONS. This special preview not only provides all of the in-game details for bonding a familiar to a Majik Weaver (or non-Majik Weaver) but is the very first WoL™ preview that is direct from the Worlde of Legends™ LITE "working document". This game is still in the final stages of development and has been well playtested. Look for more previews every month. Worlde of Legends™ Lite (Easy Start Rules and SO MUCH MORE!) is expected to publish in the Spring of 2019 exclusively on DriveThruRPG. JOIN THE ADVENTURE!!!

    Price: $0.00

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    American Artifacts: The Complete CollectionPublisher: Hex Games

    Did you know that an angel wrote a history of the future on a series of silver tablets, and buried them in Alaska? That Thomas Edison designed a machine to communicate with the dead, Ben Franklin built a robot, and that one of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars can shoot fire? Do you know why occultists are willing to pay top dollar for a shard of the plane Buddy Holly died in?

    American Artifacts: The Complete Collection gives full descriptions of 66 magical items uniquely suited to the New World. Some are objects from American history, like Crispus Attucks's musket ball, or from pop culture, like Clint Eastwood’s poncho. Some were created by wizards who act like scientists, and some by scientists who act like wizards; artifacts like William Faulkner’s pocket watch and Nikolai Tesla’s ray gun blur the line between magic and science. 
    All 66 artifacts are suitable for use in a wide variety of games. Each entry includes a description of the artifact, background information, and game mechanics. A detailed timeline is also included, that offers a clear overview of the occult history of America. 

    This volume collects the entire contents of the PDF releases American Artifacts, American Artifacts 2, and American Artifacts 3. This is the complete edition, in print for the first time, with six never-before-seen artifacts. 

    American Artifacts: The Complete Collection is 100% made in America, edited by Leighton “Cincinnati” Connor and Carter “Nashville” Newton, with art by Jeffrey “St. Louis” Johnson. 

    Price: $10.00

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    (5E) A19: Incandium's Eruption, Saatman's Empire (3 of 4) (Fantasy Grounds)Publisher: AAW Games


    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of level 14.

    Incandium’s youth was fairly typical, at least for a half-dragon raised amongst dragons, filled with years of endless physical and mental abuse. It was always clear he was different than his clutch-mates, though his mother only claimed it was because he was ‘special’, never explaining what latent power his elemental blood held. And so, after studying magic and drawing on untold power, he slew his mother and claimed control over the volcano he called home, which he has ruled with an iron fist ever since. Now, however, he sees the PCs as a threat to his plans, and he calls them to the field of battle! Even if he is defeated, can the party stop his machinations to unleash a wave of dragons on Klavek’s western border?

    Also included in “Incandium’s Eruption”:

    • A new magic item, the bracer of shields
    • Two new alchemical solutions, azure powder and engraving solution
    • A new spell, redirect teleport
    • A new deity, Hado, the god of summer and judgment
    • Details on Elemental Princes, and the blessings and curses they can bestow on characters
    • Details on the Serpins Sanguis cult, including their origins and goals
    • Maps and Illustrations by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble
      Price: $9.99

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      5E Mini-Dungeon #086: Home FiresPublisher: AAW Games

      A 5th Edition Mini-Dungeon adventure for 4 Characters Level 6

      Because of services rendered, the PCs are now the owners of a small castle on the outskirts of the local kingdom. The castle’s previous owners, the actual adventuring group that built the castle, disappeared six months ago; the castle’s garrison disbanded once they stopped being paid.

      Tales of a strange pulsing blue light coming from the gatehouse is keeping people away from the abandoned castle.

      The PCs have the castle’s deeds and keys—all they have to do is claim it.

      Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

      Price: $0.99

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      Mini-Dungeon #086: Home FiresPublisher: AAW Games

      A Pathfinder RPG Mini-Dungeon adventure for 4 Characters Level 6

      Because of services rendered, the PCs are now the owners of a small castle on the outskirts of the local kingdom. The castle’s previous owners, the actual adventuring group that built the castle, disappeared six months ago; the castle’s garrison disbanded once they stopped being paid.

      Tales of a strange pulsing blue light coming from the gatehouse is keeping people away from the abandoned castle.

      The PCs have the castle’s deeds and keys—all they have to do is claim it.

      Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for Pathfinder RPG which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

      Price: $0.99

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      Mad Science: Compact Fabricator (3D Printing)Publisher: Fishwife Games

      MAD SCIENCE: Compact Fabricator (3D Printing STL File)

      So you're getting an adventure ready for a Saturday night session and you need to flesh out the lair for that mad scientist character... What you gonna fill it with?

      The Compact Fabricator is another entry in a series of products dedicated to such a miniatures gaming location. Though the mad scientist lair is in mind, this piece can also be easily used to represent a variety of space age technology, cyberpunk era industrial equipment, stuff situated in a super hero base, an odd post apocalypse find, etc. The default size settings for the stl file are: 66x45x43mm. Feel free to adjust these settings to suit the miniatures of your preference.

      Price: $1.50

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      Legend of the Five Rings: Beginner GamePublisher: Fantasy Flight Games

      NOTE: This PDF package is not a standalone product. The physical edition contains punchboard components and custom dice. A PDF of the punchboard is included in this package, but dice must be purchased seperately to play the game.

      In Rokugan, it is said that honor is stronger than steel. While even the finest blade can bend and break under the heat of the forge, the Emerald Empire’s society has been folded in the forges of politics and war for more than a thousand years, and it has not yet broken. The society of Rokugan follows a divinely ordered pattern set down by the eight Kami, who shared their celestial blessings with the mortal realm. Rokugan is a land of strict social stratification, where an improper look at the wrong time can mean death.

      This is an era of sudden change and upheaval, however. Mortal schemes, natural calamities, and celestial turmoil alike have disrupted the political, military, and spiritual equilibrium of the land. Long-simmering rivalries and fresh betrayals ripple through the courts and on the battlefield. The Chrysanthemum Throne is beset by threats from without and within, and the honor of the seven Great Clans—the families descended from the heroes of legend and sworn to rule their lands in the Emperor's name—shall be put to the test.

      This is the stage of The Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game, a new roleplaying experience in the land of honor and steel.

      The Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game allows anyone to take on the role of a Samurai in Rokugan With a full range of four character folios, a fully realized adventure book, a map of Rokugan, a variety of tokens and a complete set of rules, The Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game gives newbies and veterans alike the perfect door to the Emerald Empire.

      Price: $19.95

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      Starfinder Ship Combat Cheat SheetPublisher: Tyler Buntin

      Cheat sheet for the roles in Starfinder ship combat, containing DC's and abilities for each of the roles on the ship, allowing for quick and easy referencing for everyone to allow the ship combat to move along speedily

      Price: $0.50

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      Legend of the Five Rings: Game Master's KitPublisher: Fantasy Flight Games

      Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game Master's Kit!

      The GM Kit includes both a beautiful screen that keeps the rules at your fingertips as well as a pre-made adventure in the mysterious Slow Tide Harbor. Guide your players into the world of Rokugan with style and ease with the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game Master's Kit!

      Price: $9.95

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      Further Finds on a Dead Body Deep Down BelowPublisher: Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778

      Attention please! The preview shows you the whole of the product, so that you may read it first and then decide how much you want to give me for my effort. Thank you, and please remember: everything counts in large amounts.

      Page 282 of Veins of the Earth has a list with results for the unavoidable I search the body. As we are talking about the Veins here, it includes all manner of strange and bizarre items (mixed with a few mundane results). A nice touch of the list is the following quote:


      In September 2018 I started a small series of articles with possible further entries for use with that list. At the beginning, I planned to reach about 30 items. I ended up with 50 items and this little PDF.

      This product is an independent production by Gregorius21778 and is not affiliated with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a registered trademark owned by James Edward Raggi IV.

      Price: $0.50

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      Battlemap : Clearing of DeathPublisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

      This full color battlemap is the 432nd of a series featuring various terrains. This installment of the battlemap series features a curious puddle of mist below a dead tree on a forest clearing.

      The map is 28 x 30 squares in size, with each 1 inch square scaled to represent 5 feet. It is provided in 12 segments, which need to be assembled, in a single PDF using the letter format.

      The product has been updated to include a large gridless JPG image of the map, intended for use with VTT software. It is 2016x2160 pixels in size at 72dpi.

      Price: $1.36

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    • 12/03/18--09:41: Radio Mystery RPG
    • Radio Mystery RPGPublisher: Micro RPG

      Welcome to Radio Mystery RPG a micro role-playing game (Version 2) which recreates the old crime and noir mystery programs that played on the radio during the thirties and forties.


      Radio Mystery RPG is a pen and paper RPG that takes place in the crime-ridden pulpy noir world of radio shows and programs from the 30s and 40s.

      Ultimately, this game’s theme is centered on the drama and action present in detective and mystery radio shows rather than on gritty realism.

      Each campaign (called a SHOW in this game) is split up into “timed” episodes. A cast of police officers, detective, PIs, dames, and femme fatales will come together to create compelling mystery stories in the grimy crime-ridden streets of 1940s America.

      The Micro RPG V2 system is specifically designed to create a tense and pulp-esque form of storytelling where anything can happen. A sense of urgency is created by all the players using one deck of cards. When the deck runs out, the “Episode” of the radio show ends—potentially with a cliffhanger.

      Moreover, Radio Mystery RPG is the first in a series of gamebooks titled “Radio Waves.” Future books in the series will cover other classical radio show genres.


      Many pen and paper role-playing games on today’s market are known to be very heavy with rules and regulations. Character creation alone can take up to an hour or more for some of these games. Many games even incorporate heavy board game elements such as tactical maps, tokens, and movement.

      Because of this fact, many would-be gamers shy away from RPGs because of the daunting complexity or rules. Gamers who enjoy RPGs may not have time for complex games.

      Well, Radio Mystery RPG—along with other games in the Micro RPG line—focus more on the creative element of storytelling rather than number crunching or lengthy rulebooks.

      Moreover, this book is part of the second edition of the Micro RPG (called Version 2 or V2). It takes the simple rules from the previous edition and simplifies them even further, making it so anyone can jump right in and enjoy the game.

      In Radio Mystery RPG character creation should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes for all players. Learning the game system and explaining it to players should be simple and straightforward as well.

      The rules in this game act more like guidelines to facilitate good gameplay and storytelling rather than number crunching.

      Radio Mystery RPG and other Micro RPGs should facilitate a fast-paced game that is easy to pick up for gamers who are on the go.

      You could play a half hour session during your lunch break at work, squeeze in a round during the baby’s nap, or even play while you are in the car during a road trip!

      That is the ease and leisure of The Micro RPG V2 system.

      Price: $1.99

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    • 12/03/18--10:21: Stock Art: Courts Cacodaemon
    • Stock Art: Courts CacodaemonPublisher: Rogue Genius Games

      Quality artwork from RGG illustrator, Liz Courts!

      Full color illustration. 

      See preview for license.

      Price: $1.95

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      Ballers: Folio Edition Appendix for ZWEIHÄNDER #GrimAndPerilousPublisher: Grim & Perilous Studios

      This is the Appendix I to the first installment of Ballers. It provides you a further example of the Profession Transfer.

      No Blitzball content this time.

      Thanks for purchasing Ballers!

      Price: $0.00

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      Stock Art: EMG Blackmon Gnoll PiratePublisher: Rogue Genius Games

      Quality artwork from Everyman Games illustrator, Jacob E. Blackmon!

      Full color drawing.

      See preview for license.

      Price: $1.95

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      D100 List - Random Things to Throw at NPCs and PCsPublisher: CarpeMagica

      I love making lists. Here's one of random things you can have an NPC throw at a PC or another NPC during a fight. There are no stats, but I could be talked into making a list of stats if theres interest.

      Price: $1.00

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      Cyber Crawl Classics: Cybernetics for Dungeon Crawl ClassicsPublisher: Cross Planes Game Studio

      Cyber Crawl Classics: Cybernetics is the first in a series of Supplements for Dungeon Crawl Classics.

      It features cybernetics to allow DCC to be played in a World of Fantasy mixed with the CyberPunk Genre, a world wherer Magic and Technology exist together.

      Dungeon Crawl Classics is required to play.

      Price: $1.00

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